Emulates a Switch control statement. The first 'condition' that evaluates to 'true' executes the corresponding 'case' actor and stops evaluation of conditions.
A catch-all or default can be set up as well by having one more 'case' than 'conditions' (the last case acts as default).
If any output is generated then this gets recorded and forwarded in the flow.
Normally, the number of conditions and number of switch branches have to be the same. A special case are adams.flow.condition.bool.IndexedBooleanCondition conditions. They can be used alone, as they determine which switch branch to use.

Additional information

Flow input/output:
- input: adams.flow.core.Unknown
- output: adams.flow.core.Unknown
Actor handler information:
- Actor execution: PARALLEL
- Standalones allowed: false
- Source allowed: true
- Forwards input: true