Executes the actor passing through and forwards it once finished.
If the actor is an instance of adams.flow.execution.FlowExecutionListeningSupporter and flow execution listening enabled, then the specified flow execution listener gets attached.

Additional information

Flow input/output:
- input: adams.flow.core.Actor, adams.flow.container.EncapsulatedActorsContainer
- output: adams.flow.core.Actor

Container information:
- adams.flow.container.EncapsulatedActorsContainer:
   - Actor: actor to encapsulate; adams.flow.core.Actor
   - Variables: the variables; adams.core.Variables
   - Storage: the storage items; adams.flow.control.Storage
   - Input: the optional input; java.lang.Object
   - Input name: the storage name of the optional input; adams.flow.control.StorageName
   - Output: the optional generated output; java.lang.Object
   - Output name: the storage name of the optional generated output; adams.flow.control.StorageName