Applies the specified processor to the incoming actor and forwards the result.
For processors implementing adams.flow.processor.ModifyingProcessor the modified actor is forwarded (or, if not modified, the original one), all others just forward the incoming actor.
If the processor should implement adams.flow.processor.ListingProcessor then any generated list gets stored as string array in the outgoing container as well.
Processors implementing adams.flow.processor.GraphicalOutputProducingProcessor can optionally display the graphical output as well (off by default).

Additional information

Flow input/output:
- input: adams.flow.core.Actor
- output: adams.flow.container.ProcessActorContainer

Container information:
- adams.flow.container.ProcessActorContainer:
   - Actor: processed actor; adams.flow.core.Actor
   - List: the generated list (if ); java.lang.String[]

Interactive actor information:
- supports interaction in headless mode: false