Generates plot containers from an evaluation object's predictions. The predictions are first sorted according to their error, smallest to largest, and then plot containers are created with the RMSE being accumulated.

Additional information

Flow input/output:
- input: weka.classifiers.Evaluation, adams.flow.container.WekaEvaluationContainer
- output: adams.flow.container.SequencePlotterContainer

Container information:
- adams.flow.container.WekaEvaluationContainer:
   - Evaluation: evaluation object; weka.classifiers.Evaluation
   - Model: model object; java.lang.Object
   - Prediction output: prediction output text; java.lang.String
   - Original indices: original indices (0-based); array of int
   - Test data: data used for testing; weka.core.Instances
- adams.flow.container.SequencePlotterContainer:
   - PlotName: name of the plot; java.lang.String
   - X: X value; java.lang.Comparable
   - Y: Y value; java.lang.Comparable
   - Content type: type of plot; adams.flow.container.SequencePlotterContainer$ContentType
   - Error X: X error; java.lang.Double[]
   - Error Y: Y error; java.lang.Double[]
   - MetaData: mapping of meta-data (String/Object); java.util.HashMap