Generates plot containers from a range of attributes of the weka.core.Instance objects being passed through.
The generator merely uses the internal data representation for generating the Y value of the plot container.

Additional information

Flow input/output:
- input: weka.core.Instance
- output: adams.flow.container.SequencePlotterContainer

Container information:
- adams.flow.container.SequencePlotterContainer:
   - PlotName: name of the plot; java.lang.String
   - X: X value; java.lang.Comparable
   - Y: Y value; java.lang.Comparable
   - Content type: type of plot; adams.flow.container.SequencePlotterContainer$ContentType
   - Error X: X error; java.lang.Double[]
   - Error Y: Y error; java.lang.Double[]
   - MetaData: mapping of meta-data (String/Object); java.util.HashMap