Splits a dataset into a training and test sets using the specified splitter.
The training set can be accessed in the container with 'Train' and the test set with 'Test'.
Depending on the split generator in use, more than one container may be output.

Additional information

Flow input/output:
- input: weka.core.Instances
- output: adams.flow.container.WekaTrainTestSetContainer

Container information:
- adams.flow.container.WekaTrainTestSetContainer:
   - Train: training set; weka.core.Instances
   - Test: test set; weka.core.Instances
   - Seed: seed value; java.lang.Long
   - FoldNumber: current fold (1-based); java.lang.Integer
   - FoldCount: total number of folds; java.lang.Integer
   - Train original indices: original indices (0-based, train); array of int
   - Test original indices: original indices (0-based, test); array of int