"Roll your own"

This page allows you to generate a custom Maven setup of ADAMS, with the specific version and modules that you select, for generating your own ADAMS distribution.

Check out the Get started section for Developers for more information on requirements and configurations for compiling ADAMS.

Project name

First, choose a name for your project:

Build environment

Second, download the zip archive containing the skeleton build environment.

Unzip it on your machine in the location where you want to build your ADAMS project.


Third, select the version that you want to use as basis (-SNAPSHOT is the version under development):


Fourth, select the modules to include (adams-core is included automatically):

[Once you select a version, the list of modules will appear here.]

Build setup

Fifth, click on Generate once you are happy with the setup.


Sixth, click on the download link below and save the generated build setup file as pom.xml in the directory where you extracted the build environment to (in the same directory as the LICENSE.txt file).

[Link will appear once a build setup has been generated.]