Class BinnableFiles.FileGroupExtractor

    • Field Detail

      • m_OnlyName

        protected boolean m_OnlyName
        whether to use only the name, not the path.
      • m_RemoveExtension

        protected boolean m_RemoveExtension
        whether to remove the extension.
      • m_RegExp

        protected String m_RegExp
        the regular expression.
      • m_Group

        protected String m_Group
        the group to extract.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileGroupExtractor

        public FileGroupExtractor​(boolean onlyName,
                                  boolean removeExtension,
                                  String regExp,
                                  String group)
        Initializes the extractor.
        onlyName - whether to only consider the name, excluding the path
        removeExtension - whether to remove the extension
        regExp - the regular expression to apply to the strings
        group - the regexp group to extract as group