Class WekaCapabilities

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Destroyable, GlobalInfoSupporter, LoggingLevelHandler, LoggingSupporter, OptionHandler, QuickInfoSupporter, ShallowCopySupporter<BooleanCondition>, SizeOfHandler, Stoppable, BooleanCondition, Serializable

    public class WekaCapabilities
    extends AbstractAttributeCapabilities
    Filters weka.core.Instance and weka.core.Instances objects based on defined capabilities. Only objects that match the capabilities will be passed on, all others get discarded.
    The matching sense can be inverted as well.

    Valid options are:

    -D <int> (property: debugLevel)
        The greater the number the more additional info the scheme may output to 
        the console (0 = off).
        default: 0
        minimum: 0
        The capabilities that the objects must match.
    -invert (property: invert)
        If set to true, then objects that failed the capabilities test will pass 
        through and all others get discarded.
    fracpete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
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