Class TLSHelper

  • public class TLSHelper
    extends Object
    Helper class for TLS related operations.
    FracPete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
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      • TLSHelper

        public TLSHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • locateActors

        public static com.github.fracpete.javautils.struct.Struct3<KeyManagerFactoryProvider,​TrustManagerFactoryProvider,​SSLContextProvider> locateActors​(Actor context,
                                                                                                                                                                      boolean requireAll)
        Locates the following actors KeyManager (=0), TrustManager (=1), SSLContext (=2)
        context - the flow context
        requireAll - whether all the actors need to be present
        the actors, null if all required and not all were present