Class CallableSource

    • Constructor Detail

      • CallableSource

        public CallableSource()
        Default constructor.
      • CallableSource

        public CallableSource​(CallableActorReference name)
        Allows setting the callable name.
        name - the reference to use
    • Method Detail

      • findCallableActor

        protected Actor findCallableActor()
        Tries to find the callable actor referenced by its global name. Makes sure that the actor produces output.
        findCallableActor in class AbstractCallableActor
        the callable actor or null if not found
      • generates

        public Class[] generates()
        Returns the class of objects that it generates.
        Specified by:
        generates in interface OutputProducer
        depends on the callable actor
      • executeCallableActor

        protected String executeCallableActor()
        Executes the callable actor. Derived classes might need to override this method to ensure atomicity.
        Specified by:
        executeCallableActor in class AbstractCallableActor
        null if no error, otherwise error message
      • output

        public Token output()
        Returns the generated token.
        Specified by:
        output in interface OutputProducer
        the generated token
      • hasPendingOutput

        public boolean hasPendingOutput()
        Checks whether there is pending output to be collected after executing the flow item.
        Specified by:
        hasPendingOutput in interface OutputProducer
        true if there is pending output