Class RSync

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AdditionalInformationHandler, CleanUpHandler, Destroyable, GlobalInfoSupporter, LoggingLevelHandler, LoggingSupporter, OptionHandler, QuickInfoSupporter, ShallowCopySupporter<Actor>, SizeOfHandler, Stoppable, StoppableWithFeedback, VariablesInspectionHandler, VariableChangeListener, Actor, ErrorHandler, OutputProducer, com.github.fracpete.processoutput4j.core.StreamingProcessOwner, Serializable, Comparable

    public class RSync
    extends AbstractBufferingSource
    implements com.github.fracpete.processoutput4j.core.StreamingProcessOwner
    Supports synchronization using rsync.
    In case of an error, the stderr output is forwarded, otherwise stdout output.

    - generates:

    -logging-level <OFF|SEVERE|WARNING|INFO|CONFIG|FINE|FINER|FINEST> (property: loggingLevel)
        The logging level for outputting errors and debugging output.
        default: WARNING
    -name <java.lang.String> (property: name)
        The name of the actor.
        default: RSync
    -annotation <adams.core.base.BaseAnnotation> (property: annotations)
        The annotations to attach to this actor.
    -skip <boolean> (property: skip)
        If set to true, transformation is skipped and the input token is just forwarded 
        as it is.
        default: false
    -stop-flow-on-error <boolean> (property: stopFlowOnError)
        If set to true, the flow execution at this level gets stopped in case this 
        actor encounters an error; the error gets propagated; useful for critical 
        default: false
    -silent <boolean> (property: silent)
        If enabled, then no errors are output in the console; Note: the enclosing 
        actor handler must have this enabled as well.
        default: false
    -source <java.lang.String> (property: source)
        The local or remote source path (path or [user@]host:path)
    -destination <java.lang.String> (property: destination)
        The local or remote destination path (path or [user@]host:path)
    -outputCommandline <boolean> (property: outputCommandline)
        output the command-line generated for the rsync binary
        default: false
    -verbose <boolean> (property: verbose)
        increase verbosity
        default: false
    -info <java.lang.String> (property: info)
        fine-grained informational verbosity
    -debug <java.lang.String> (property: debug)
        fine-grained debug verbosity
    -msgs2stderr <boolean> (property: msgs2stderr)
        special output handling for debugging
        default: false
    -quiet <boolean> (property: quiet)
        suppress non-error messages
        default: false
    -no_motd <boolean> (property: noMotd)
        suppress daemon-mode MOTD
        default: false
    -checksum <boolean> (property: checksum)
        skip based on checksum, not mod-time & size
        default: false
    -archive <boolean> (property: archive)
        archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X)
        default: false
    -recursive <boolean> (property: recursive)
        recurse into directories
        default: false
    -relative <boolean> (property: relative)
        use relative path names
        default: false
    -no_implied_dirs <boolean> (property: noImpliedDirs)
        use relative path names
        default: false
    -backup <boolean> (property: backup)
        make backups (see --suffix & --backup-dir)
        default: false
    -backup_dir <java.lang.String> (property: backupDir)
        make backups into hierarchy based in DIR
    -suffix <java.lang.String> (property: suffix)
        set backup suffix (default ~ w/o --backup-dir)
    -update <boolean> (property: update)
        skip files that are newer on the receiver
        default: false
    -inplace <boolean> (property: inplace)
        update destination files in-place
        default: false
    -append <boolean> (property: append)
        append data onto shorter files
        default: false
    -append_verify <boolean> (property: appendVerify)
        like --append, but with old data in file checksum
        default: false
    -dirs <boolean> (property: dirs)
        transfer directories without recursing
        default: false
    -links <boolean> (property: links)
        copy symlinks as symlinks
        default: false
    -copy_links <boolean> (property: copyLinks)
        transform symlink into referent file/dir
        default: false
    -copy_unsafe_links <boolean> (property: copyUnsafeLinks)
        only "unsafe" symlinks are transformed
        default: false
    -safe_links <boolean> (property: safeLinks)
        ignore symlinks that point outside the source tree
        default: false
    -munge_links <boolean> (property: mungeLinks)
        munge symlinks to make them safer (but unusable)
        default: false
    -copy_dirlinks <boolean> (property: copyDirlinks)
        transform symlink to a dir into referent dir
        default: false
    -keep_dirlinks <boolean> (property: keepDirlinks)
        treat symlinked dir on receiver as dir
        default: false
    -hard_links <boolean> (property: hardLinks)
        preserve hard links
        default: false
    -perms <boolean> (property: perms)
        preserve permissions
        default: false
    -executability <boolean> (property: executability)
        preserve the file's executability
        default: false
    -chmod <java.lang.String> (property: chmod)
        affect file and/or directory permissions
    -xattrs <boolean> (property: xattrs)
        preserve extended attributes
        default: false
    -owner <boolean> (property: owner)
        preserve owner (super-user only)
        default: false
    -group <boolean> (property: group)
        preserve group
        default: false
    -devices <boolean> (property: devices)
        preserve device files (super-user only)
        default: false
    -specials <boolean> (property: specials)
        preserve special files
        default: false
    -times <boolean> (property: times)
        preserve modification times
        default: false
    -omit_dir_times <boolean> (property: omitDirTimes)
        omit directories from --times
        default: false
    -omit_link_times <boolean> (property: omitLinkTimes)
        omit symlinks from --times
        default: false
    -super_ <boolean> (property: super_)
        receiver attempts super-user activities
        default: false
    -fake_super <boolean> (property: fakeSuper)
        store/recover privileged attrs using xattrs
        default: false
    -sparse <boolean> (property: sparse)
        handle sparse files efficiently
        default: false
    -preallocate <boolean> (property: preallocate)
        allocate dest files before writing them
        default: false
    -dry_run <boolean> (property: dryRun)
        perform a trial run with no changes made
        default: false
    -whole_file <boolean> (property: wholeFile)
        copy files whole (without delta-xfer algorithm)
        default: false
    -one_file_system <boolean> (property: oneFileSystem)
        don't cross filesystem boundaries
        default: false
    -block_size <java.lang.String> (property: blockSize)
        force a fixed checksum block-size
    -rsh <java.lang.String> (property: rsh)
        specify the remote shell to use
    -rsync_path <java.lang.String> (property: rsyncPath)
        specify the rsync to run on the remote machine
    -existing <boolean> (property: existing)
        skip creating new files on receiver
        default: false
    -ignore_existing <boolean> (property: ignoreExisting)
        skip updating files that already exist on receiver
        default: false
    -remove_source_files <boolean> (property: removeSourceFiles)
        sender removes synchronized files (non-dirs)
        default: false
    -delete <boolean> (property: delete)
        delete extraneous files from destination dirs
        default: false
    -delete_before <boolean> (property: deleteBefore)
        receiver deletes before transfer, not during
        default: false
    -delete_during <boolean> (property: deleteDuring)
        receiver deletes during the transfer
        default: false
    -delete_delay <boolean> (property: deleteDelay)
        find deletions during, delete after
        default: false
    -delete_after <boolean> (property: deleteAfter)
        receiver deletes after transfer, not during
        default: false
    -delete_excluded <boolean> (property: deleteExcluded)
        also delete excluded files from destination dirs
        default: false
    -ignore_missing_args <boolean> (property: ignoreMissingArgs)
        ignore missing source args without error
        default: false
    -delete_missing_args <boolean> (property: deleteMissingArgs)
        delete missing source args from destination
        default: false
    -ignore_errors <boolean> (property: ignoreErrors)
        delete even if there are I/O errors
        default: false
    -force <boolean> (property: force)
        force deletion of directories even if not empty
        default: false
    -max_delete <int> (property: maxDelete)
        don't delete more than NUM files
        default: -1
    -max_size <java.lang.String> (property: maxSize)
        don't transfer any file larger than SIZE
    -min_size <java.lang.String> (property: minSize)
        don't transfer any file smaller than SIZE
    -partial <boolean> (property: partial)
        keep partially transferred files
        default: false
    -partial_dir <java.lang.String> (property: partialDir)
        put a partially transferred file into DIR
    -delay_updates <boolean> (property: delayUpdates)
        put all updated files into place at transfer's end
        default: false
    -prune_empty_dirs <boolean> (property: pruneEmptyDirs)
        prune empty directory chains from the file-list
        default: false
    -numeric_ids <boolean> (property: numericIds)
        don't map uid/gid values by user/group name
        default: false
    -usermap <java.lang.String> (property: usermap)
        custom username mapping
    -groupmap <java.lang.String> (property: groupmap)
        custom groupname mapping
    -chown <java.lang.String> (property: chown)
        simple username/groupname mapping
    -timeout <int> (property: timeout)
        set I/O timeout in seconds
        default: -1
    -contimeout <int> (property: contimeout)
        set daemon connection timeout in seconds
        default: -1
    -ignore_times <boolean> (property: ignoreTimes)
        don't skip files that match in size and mod-time
        default: false
    -remote_option <java.lang.String> (property: remoteOption)
        send OPTION to the remote side only
    -size_only <boolean> (property: sizeOnly)
        skip files that match in size
        default: false
    -modify_window <int> (property: modifyWindow)
        compare mod-times with reduced accuracy
        default: -1
    -temp_dir <java.lang.String> (property: tempDir)
        create temporary files in directory DIR
    -fuzzy <boolean> (property: fuzzy)
        find similar file for basis if no dest file
        default: false
    -compare_dest <adams.core.base.BaseString> [-compare_dest ...] (property: compareDest)
        also compare destination files relative to DIR
    -copy_dest <adams.core.base.BaseString> [-copy_dest ...] (property: copyDest)
        ... and include copies of unchanged files
    -link_dest <adams.core.base.BaseString> [-link_dest ...] (property: linkDest)
        hardlink to files in DIR when unchanged
    -compress <boolean> (property: compress)
        compress file data during the transfer
        default: false
    -compress_level <int> (property: compressLevel)
        explicitly set compression level
        default: -1
    -skip_compress <java.lang.String> (property: skipCompress)
        skip compressing files with a suffix in LIST
    -cvs_exclude <boolean> (property: cvsExclude)
        auto-ignore files the same way CVS does
        default: false
    -filter <adams.core.base.BaseString> [-filter ...] (property: filter)
        add a file-filtering RULE
    -exclude <adams.core.base.BaseString> [-exclude ...] (property: exclude)
        exclude files matching PATTERN
    -exclude_from <> (property: excludeFrom)
        read exclude patterns from FILE
        default: ${CWD}
    -include <adams.core.base.BaseString> [-include ...] (property: include)
        include files matching PATTERN
    -include_from <> (property: includeFrom)
        read include patterns from FILE
        default: ${CWD}
    -files_from <> (property: filesFrom)
        read list of source-file names from FILE
        default: ${CWD}
    -from0 <boolean> (property: from0)
        all *-from/filter files are delimited by 0s
        default: false
    -protect_args <boolean> (property: protectArgs)
        no space-splitting; only wildcard special-chars
        default: false
    -address <java.lang.String> (property: address)
        bind address for outgoing socket to daemon
    -port <int> (property: port)
        specify double-colon alternate port number
        default: -1
    -sockopts <java.lang.String> (property: sockopts)
        specify custom TCP options
    -blocking_io <boolean> (property: blockingIO)
        use blocking I/O for the remote shell
        default: false
    -stats <boolean> (property: stats)
        give some file-transfer stats
        default: false
    -eight_bit_output <boolean> (property: eightBitOutput)
        leave high-bit chars unescaped in output
        default: false
    -human_readable <boolean> (property: humanReadable)
        output numbers in a human-readable format
        default: false
    -progress <boolean> (property: progress)
        show progress during transfer
        default: false
    -itemize_changes <boolean> (property: itemizeChanges)
        output a change-summary for all updates
        default: false
    -out_format <java.lang.String> (property: outFormat)
        output updates using the specified FORMAT
    -log_file <> (property: logFile)
        log what we're doing to the specified FILE
        default: ${CWD}
    -log_file_format <java.lang.String> (property: logFileFormat)
        log updates using the specified FMT
    -password_file <java.lang.String> (property: passwordFile)
        read daemon-access password from FILE
    -list_only <boolean> (property: listOnly)
        list the files instead of copying them
        default: false
    -bwlimit <java.lang.String> (property: bwlimit)
        limit socket I/O bandwidth
    -outbuf <java.lang.String> (property: outbuf)
        set output buffering to None, Line, or Block (N|L|B)
    -write_batch <> (property: writeBatch)
        write a batched update to FILE
        default: ${CWD}
    -only_write_batch <> (property: onlyWriteBatch)
        like --write-batch but w/o updating destination
        default: ${CWD}
    -read_batch <> (property: readBatch)
        read a batched update from FILE
        default: ${CWD}
    -protocol <int> (property: protocol)
        force an older protocol version to be used
        default: -1
    -iconv <java.lang.String> (property: iconv)
        request charset conversion of filenames
    -checksum_seed <int> (property: checksumSeed)
        set block/file checksum seed (advanced)
        default: -1
    -ipv4 <boolean> (property: ipv4)
        prefer IPv4
        default: false
    -ipv6 <boolean> (property: ipv6)
        prefer IPv6
        default: false
    -version <boolean> (property: version)
        print version number
        default: false
    -max_time <int> (property: maxTime)
        time out in seconds, stopping rsync process once exceeded, ignored if less
        than 1
        default: -1
        minimum: -1
    -prefix-stdout <java.lang.String> (property: prefixStdOut)
        The (optional) prefix to use for output from stdout.
    -prefix-stderr <java.lang.String> (property: prefixStdErr)
        The (optional) prefix to use for output from stderr.
    FracPete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • m_Source

        protected String m_Source
        the source path/url.
      • m_Destination

        protected String m_Destination
        the destination path/url.
      • m_OutputCommandline

        protected boolean m_OutputCommandline
        whether to output the commandline.
      • m_Verbose

        protected boolean m_Verbose
      • m_Info

        protected String m_Info
      • m_Debug

        protected String m_Debug
      • m_Msgs2stderr

        protected boolean m_Msgs2stderr
      • m_Quiet

        protected boolean m_Quiet
      • m_NoMotd

        protected boolean m_NoMotd
      • m_Checksum

        protected boolean m_Checksum
      • m_Archive

        protected boolean m_Archive
      • m_Recursive

        protected boolean m_Recursive
      • m_Relative

        protected boolean m_Relative
      • m_NoImpliedDirs

        protected boolean m_NoImpliedDirs
      • m_Backup

        protected boolean m_Backup
      • m_BackupDir

        protected String m_BackupDir
      • m_Suffix

        protected String m_Suffix
      • m_Update

        protected boolean m_Update
      • m_Inplace

        protected boolean m_Inplace
      • m_Append

        protected boolean m_Append
      • m_AppendVerify

        protected boolean m_AppendVerify
      • m_Dirs

        protected boolean m_Dirs
      • m_Links

        protected boolean m_Links
      • m_CopyLinks

        protected boolean m_CopyLinks
      • m_CopyUnsafeLinks

        protected boolean m_CopyUnsafeLinks
      • m_SafeLinks

        protected boolean m_SafeLinks
      • m_MungeLinks

        protected boolean m_MungeLinks
      • m_CopyDirlinks

        protected boolean m_CopyDirlinks
      • m_KeepDirlinks

        protected boolean m_KeepDirlinks
      • m_HardLinks

        protected boolean m_HardLinks
      • m_Perms

        protected boolean m_Perms
      • m_Executability

        protected boolean m_Executability
      • m_Chmod

        protected String m_Chmod
      • m_Xattrs

        protected boolean m_Xattrs
      • m_Owner

        protected boolean m_Owner
      • m_Group

        protected boolean m_Group
      • m_Devices

        protected boolean m_Devices
      • m_Specials

        protected boolean m_Specials
      • m_Times

        protected boolean m_Times
      • m_OmitDirTimes

        protected boolean m_OmitDirTimes
      • m_OmitLinkTimes

        protected boolean m_OmitLinkTimes
      • m_Super_

        protected boolean m_Super_
      • m_FakeSuper

        protected boolean m_FakeSuper
      • m_Sparse

        protected boolean m_Sparse
      • m_Preallocate

        protected boolean m_Preallocate
      • m_DryRun

        protected boolean m_DryRun
      • m_WholeFile

        protected boolean m_WholeFile
      • m_OneFileSystem

        protected boolean m_OneFileSystem
      • m_BlockSize

        protected String m_BlockSize
      • m_Rsh

        protected String m_Rsh
      • m_RsyncPath

        protected String m_RsyncPath
      • m_Existing

        protected boolean m_Existing
      • m_IgnoreExisting

        protected boolean m_IgnoreExisting
      • m_RemoveSourceFiles

        protected boolean m_RemoveSourceFiles
      • m_Delete

        protected boolean m_Delete
      • m_DeleteBefore

        protected boolean m_DeleteBefore
      • m_DeleteDuring

        protected boolean m_DeleteDuring
      • m_DeleteDelay

        protected boolean m_DeleteDelay
      • m_DeleteAfter

        protected boolean m_DeleteAfter
      • m_DeleteExcluded

        protected boolean m_DeleteExcluded
      • m_IgnoreMissingArgs

        protected boolean m_IgnoreMissingArgs
      • m_DeleteMissingArgs

        protected boolean m_DeleteMissingArgs
      • m_IgnoreErrors

        protected boolean m_IgnoreErrors
      • m_Force

        protected boolean m_Force
      • m_MaxDelete

        protected int m_MaxDelete
      • m_MaxSize

        protected String m_MaxSize
      • m_MinSize

        protected String m_MinSize
      • m_Partial

        protected boolean m_Partial
      • m_PartialDir

        protected String m_PartialDir
      • m_DelayUpdates

        protected boolean m_DelayUpdates
      • m_PruneEmptyDirs

        protected boolean m_PruneEmptyDirs
      • m_NumericIds

        protected boolean m_NumericIds
      • m_Usermap

        protected String m_Usermap
      • m_Groupmap

        protected String m_Groupmap
      • m_Chown

        protected String m_Chown
      • m_Timeout

        protected int m_Timeout
      • m_Contimeout

        protected int m_Contimeout
      • m_IgnoreTimes

        protected boolean m_IgnoreTimes
      • m_RemoteOption

        protected String m_RemoteOption
      • m_SizeOnly

        protected boolean m_SizeOnly
      • m_ModifyWindow

        protected int m_ModifyWindow
      • m_TempDir

        protected String m_TempDir
      • m_Fuzzy

        protected boolean m_Fuzzy
      • m_CompareDest

        protected BaseString[] m_CompareDest
      • m_Compress

        protected boolean m_Compress
      • m_CompressLevel

        protected int m_CompressLevel
      • m_SkipCompress

        protected String m_SkipCompress
      • m_CvsExclude

        protected boolean m_CvsExclude
      • m_From0

        protected boolean m_From0
      • m_ProtectArgs

        protected boolean m_ProtectArgs
      • m_Address

        protected String m_Address
      • m_Port

        protected int m_Port
      • m_Sockopts

        protected String m_Sockopts
      • m_BlockingIO

        protected boolean m_BlockingIO
      • m_Stats

        protected boolean m_Stats
      • m_EightBitOutput

        protected boolean m_EightBitOutput
      • m_HumanReadable

        protected boolean m_HumanReadable
      • m_Progress

        protected boolean m_Progress
      • m_ItemizeChanges

        protected boolean m_ItemizeChanges
      • m_OutFormat

        protected String m_OutFormat
      • m_LogFileFormat

        protected String m_LogFileFormat
      • m_PasswordFile

        protected String m_PasswordFile
      • m_ListOnly

        protected boolean m_ListOnly
      • m_Bwlimit

        protected String m_Bwlimit
      • m_Outbuf

        protected String m_Outbuf
      • m_Protocol

        protected int m_Protocol
      • m_Iconv

        protected String m_Iconv
      • m_ChecksumSeed

        protected int m_ChecksumSeed
      • m_Ipv4

        protected boolean m_Ipv4
      • m_Ipv6

        protected boolean m_Ipv6
      • m_Version

        protected boolean m_Version
      • m_MaxTime

        protected int m_MaxTime
      • m_PrefixStdOut

        protected String m_PrefixStdOut
        the stdout prefix.
      • m_PrefixStdErr

        protected String m_PrefixStdErr
        the stderr prefix.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RSync

        public RSync()
    • Method Detail

      • setSource

        public void setSource​(String value)
        Sets the source path/url.
        value - the source
      • getSource

        public String getSource()
        Returns the current source path/url.
        the source, null if not set
      • sourceTipText

        public String sourceTipText()
      • setDestination

        public void setDestination​(String value)
        Sets the destination path/url.
        value - the destination
      • getDestination

        public String getDestination()
        Returns the current destination path/url.
        the destination, null if not set
      • destinationTipText

        public String destinationTipText()
      • setOutputCommandline

        public void setOutputCommandline​(boolean value)
        Sets output commandline flag.
        value - true if to output commandline
      • getOutputCommandline

        public boolean getOutputCommandline()
        Returns output commandline flag.
        true if to output commandline
      • outputCommandlineTipText

        public String outputCommandlineTipText()
      • isVerbose

        public boolean isVerbose()
      • setVerbose

        public void setVerbose​(boolean value)
      • verboseTipText

        public String verboseTipText()
      • getInfo

        public String getInfo()
      • setInfo

        public void setInfo​(String value)
      • infoTipText

        public String infoTipText()
      • getDebug

        public String getDebug()
      • setDebug

        public void setDebug​(String value)
      • debugTipText

        public String debugTipText()
      • isMsgs2stderr

        public boolean isMsgs2stderr()
      • setMsgs2stderr

        public void setMsgs2stderr​(boolean value)
      • msgs2stderrTipText

        public String msgs2stderrTipText()
      • isQuiet

        public boolean isQuiet()
      • setQuiet

        public void setQuiet​(boolean value)
      • quietTipText

        public String quietTipText()
      • isNoMotd

        public boolean isNoMotd()
      • setNoMotd

        public void setNoMotd​(boolean value)
      • noMotdTipText

        public String noMotdTipText()
      • isChecksum

        public boolean isChecksum()
      • setChecksum

        public void setChecksum​(boolean value)
      • checksumTipText

        public String checksumTipText()
      • isArchive

        public boolean isArchive()
      • setArchive

        public void setArchive​(boolean value)
      • archiveTipText

        public String archiveTipText()
      • isRecursive

        public boolean isRecursive()
      • setRecursive

        public void setRecursive​(boolean value)
      • recursiveTipText

        public String recursiveTipText()
      • isRelative

        public boolean isRelative()
      • setRelative

        public void setRelative​(boolean value)
      • relativeTipText

        public String relativeTipText()
      • isNoImpliedDirs

        public boolean isNoImpliedDirs()
      • setNoImpliedDirs

        public void setNoImpliedDirs​(boolean value)
      • noImpliedDirsTipText

        public String noImpliedDirsTipText()
      • isBackup

        public boolean isBackup()
      • setBackup

        public void setBackup​(boolean value)
      • backupTipText

        public String backupTipText()
      • getBackupDir

        public String getBackupDir()
      • setBackupDir

        public void setBackupDir​(String value)
      • backupDirTipText

        public String backupDirTipText()
      • getSuffix

        public String getSuffix()
      • setSuffix

        public void setSuffix​(String value)
      • suffixTipText

        public String suffixTipText()
      • isUpdate

        public boolean isUpdate()
      • setUpdate

        public void setUpdate​(boolean value)
      • updateTipText

        public String updateTipText()
      • isInplace

        public boolean isInplace()
      • setInplace

        public void setInplace​(boolean value)
      • inplaceTipText

        public String inplaceTipText()
      • isAppend

        public boolean isAppend()
      • setAppend

        public void setAppend​(boolean value)
      • appendTipText

        public String appendTipText()
      • isAppendVerify

        public boolean isAppendVerify()
      • setAppendVerify

        public void setAppendVerify​(boolean value)
      • appendVerifyTipText

        public String appendVerifyTipText()
      • isDirs

        public boolean isDirs()
      • setDirs

        public void setDirs​(boolean value)
      • dirsTipText

        public String dirsTipText()
      • isLinks

        public boolean isLinks()
      • setLinks

        public void setLinks​(boolean value)
      • linksTipText

        public String linksTipText()
      • isCopyLinks

        public boolean isCopyLinks()
      • setCopyLinks

        public void setCopyLinks​(boolean value)
      • copyLinksTipText

        public String copyLinksTipText()
      • isCopyUnsafeLinks

        public boolean isCopyUnsafeLinks()
      • setCopyUnsafeLinks

        public void setCopyUnsafeLinks​(boolean value)
      • copyUnsafeLinksTipText

        public String copyUnsafeLinksTipText()
      • isSafeLinks

        public boolean isSafeLinks()
      • setSafeLinks

        public void setSafeLinks​(boolean value)
      • safeLinksTipText

        public String safeLinksTipText()
      • isMungeLinks

        public boolean isMungeLinks()
      • setMungeLinks

        public void setMungeLinks​(boolean value)
      • mungeLinksTipText

        public String mungeLinksTipText()
      • isCopyDirlinks

        public boolean isCopyDirlinks()
      • setCopyDirlinks

        public void setCopyDirlinks​(boolean value)
      • copyDirlinksTipText

        public String copyDirlinksTipText()
      • isKeepDirlinks

        public boolean isKeepDirlinks()
      • setKeepDirlinks

        public void setKeepDirlinks​(boolean value)
      • keepDirlinksTipText

        public String keepDirlinksTipText()
      • isHardLinks

        public boolean isHardLinks()
      • setHardLinks

        public void setHardLinks​(boolean value)
      • hardLinksTipText

        public String hardLinksTipText()
      • isPerms

        public boolean isPerms()
      • setPerms

        public void setPerms​(boolean value)
      • permsTipText

        public String permsTipText()
      • isExecutability

        public boolean isExecutability()
      • setExecutability

        public void setExecutability​(boolean value)
      • executabilityTipText

        public String executabilityTipText()
      • getChmod

        public String getChmod()
      • setChmod

        public void setChmod​(String value)
      • chmodTipText

        public String chmodTipText()
      • isXattrs

        public boolean isXattrs()
      • setXattrs

        public void setXattrs​(boolean value)
      • xattrsTipText

        public String xattrsTipText()
      • isOwner

        public boolean isOwner()
      • setOwner

        public void setOwner​(boolean value)
      • ownerTipText

        public String ownerTipText()
      • isGroup

        public boolean isGroup()
      • setGroup

        public void setGroup​(boolean value)
      • groupTipText

        public String groupTipText()
      • isDevices

        public boolean isDevices()
      • setDevices

        public void setDevices​(boolean value)
      • devicesTipText

        public String devicesTipText()
      • isSpecials

        public boolean isSpecials()
      • setSpecials

        public void setSpecials​(boolean value)
      • specialsTipText

        public String specialsTipText()
      • isTimes

        public boolean isTimes()
      • setTimes

        public void setTimes​(boolean value)
      • timesTipText

        public String timesTipText()
      • isOmitDirTimes

        public boolean isOmitDirTimes()
      • setOmitDirTimes

        public void setOmitDirTimes​(boolean value)
      • omitDirTimesTipText

        public String omitDirTimesTipText()
      • isOmitLinkTimes

        public boolean isOmitLinkTimes()
      • setOmitLinkTimes

        public void setOmitLinkTimes​(boolean value)
      • omitLinkTimesTipText

        public String omitLinkTimesTipText()
      • isSuper_

        public boolean isSuper_()
      • setSuper_

        public void setSuper_​(boolean super_)
      • super_TipText

        public String super_TipText()
      • isFakeSuper

        public boolean isFakeSuper()
      • setFakeSuper

        public void setFakeSuper​(boolean value)
      • fakeSuperTipText

        public String fakeSuperTipText()
      • isSparse

        public boolean isSparse()
      • setSparse

        public void setSparse​(boolean value)
      • sparseTipText

        public String sparseTipText()
      • isPreallocate

        public boolean isPreallocate()
      • setPreallocate

        public void setPreallocate​(boolean value)
      • preallocateTipText

        public String preallocateTipText()
      • isDryRun

        public boolean isDryRun()
      • setDryRun

        public void setDryRun​(boolean value)
      • dryRunTipText

        public String dryRunTipText()
      • isWholeFile

        public boolean isWholeFile()
      • setWholeFile

        public void setWholeFile​(boolean value)
      • wholeFileTipText

        public String wholeFileTipText()
      • isOneFileSystem

        public boolean isOneFileSystem()
      • setOneFileSystem

        public void setOneFileSystem​(boolean value)
      • oneFileSystemTipText

        public String oneFileSystemTipText()
      • getBlockSize

        public String getBlockSize()
      • setBlockSize

        public void setBlockSize​(String value)
      • blockSizeTipText

        public String blockSizeTipText()
      • getRsh

        public String getRsh()
      • setRsh

        public void setRsh​(String value)
      • rshTipText

        public String rshTipText()
      • getRsyncPath

        public String getRsyncPath()
      • setRsyncPath

        public void setRsyncPath​(String value)
      • rsyncPathTipText

        public String rsyncPathTipText()
      • isExisting

        public boolean isExisting()
      • setExisting

        public void setExisting​(boolean value)
      • existingTipText

        public String existingTipText()
      • isIgnoreExisting

        public boolean isIgnoreExisting()
      • setIgnoreExisting

        public void setIgnoreExisting​(boolean value)
      • ignoreExistingTipText

        public String ignoreExistingTipText()
      • isRemoveSourceFiles

        public boolean isRemoveSourceFiles()
      • setRemoveSourceFiles

        public void setRemoveSourceFiles​(boolean value)
      • removeSourceFilesTipText

        public String removeSourceFilesTipText()
      • isDelete

        public boolean isDelete()
      • setDelete

        public void setDelete​(boolean value)
      • deleteTipText

        public String deleteTipText()
      • isDeleteBefore

        public boolean isDeleteBefore()
      • setDeleteBefore

        public void setDeleteBefore​(boolean value)
      • deleteBeforeTipText

        public String deleteBeforeTipText()
      • isDeleteDuring

        public boolean isDeleteDuring()
      • setDeleteDuring

        public void setDeleteDuring​(boolean value)
      • deleteDuringTipText

        public String deleteDuringTipText()
      • isDeleteDelay

        public boolean isDeleteDelay()
      • setDeleteDelay

        public void setDeleteDelay​(boolean value)
      • deleteDelayTipText

        public String deleteDelayTipText()
      • isDeleteAfter

        public boolean isDeleteAfter()
      • setDeleteAfter

        public void setDeleteAfter​(boolean value)
      • deleteAfterTipText

        public String deleteAfterTipText()
      • isDeleteExcluded

        public boolean isDeleteExcluded()
      • setDeleteExcluded

        public void setDeleteExcluded​(boolean value)
      • deleteExcludedTipText

        public String deleteExcludedTipText()
      • isIgnoreMissingArgs

        public boolean isIgnoreMissingArgs()
      • setIgnoreMissingArgs

        public void setIgnoreMissingArgs​(boolean value)
      • ignoreMissingArgsTipText

        public String ignoreMissingArgsTipText()
      • isDeleteMissingArgs

        public boolean isDeleteMissingArgs()
      • setDeleteMissingArgs

        public void setDeleteMissingArgs​(boolean value)
      • deleteMissingArgsTipText

        public String deleteMissingArgsTipText()
      • isIgnoreErrors

        public boolean isIgnoreErrors()
      • setIgnoreErrors

        public void setIgnoreErrors​(boolean value)
      • ignoreErrorsTipText

        public String ignoreErrorsTipText()
      • isForce

        public boolean isForce()
      • setForce

        public void setForce​(boolean value)
      • forceTipText

        public String forceTipText()
      • getMaxDelete

        public int getMaxDelete()
      • setMaxDelete

        public void setMaxDelete​(int value)
      • maxDeleteTipText

        public String maxDeleteTipText()
      • getMaxSize

        public String getMaxSize()
      • setMaxSize

        public void setMaxSize​(String value)
      • maxSizeTipText

        public String maxSizeTipText()
      • getMinSize

        public String getMinSize()
      • setMinSize

        public void setMinSize​(String value)
      • minSizeTipText

        public String minSizeTipText()
      • isPartial

        public boolean isPartial()
      • setPartial

        public void setPartial​(boolean value)
      • partialTipText

        public String partialTipText()
      • getPartialDir

        public String getPartialDir()
      • setPartialDir

        public void setPartialDir​(String value)
      • partialDirTipText

        public String partialDirTipText()
      • isDelayUpdates

        public boolean isDelayUpdates()
      • setDelayUpdates

        public void setDelayUpdates​(boolean value)
      • delayUpdatesTipText

        public String delayUpdatesTipText()
      • isPruneEmptyDirs

        public boolean isPruneEmptyDirs()
      • setPruneEmptyDirs

        public void setPruneEmptyDirs​(boolean value)
      • pruneEmptyDirsTipText

        public String pruneEmptyDirsTipText()
      • isNumericIds

        public boolean isNumericIds()
      • setNumericIds

        public void setNumericIds​(boolean value)
      • numericIdsTipText

        public String numericIdsTipText()
      • getUsermap

        public String getUsermap()
      • setUsermap

        public void setUsermap​(String value)
      • usermapTipText

        public String usermapTipText()
      • getGroupmap

        public String getGroupmap()
      • setGroupmap

        public void setGroupmap​(String value)
      • groupmapTipText

        public String groupmapTipText()
      • getChown

        public String getChown()
      • setChown

        public void setChown​(String value)
      • chownTipText

        public String chownTipText()
      • getTimeout

        public int getTimeout()
      • setTimeout

        public void setTimeout​(int value)
      • timeoutTipText

        public String timeoutTipText()
      • getContimeout

        public int getContimeout()
      • setContimeout

        public void setContimeout​(int value)
      • contimeoutTipText

        public String contimeoutTipText()
      • isIgnoreTimes

        public boolean isIgnoreTimes()
      • setIgnoreTimes

        public void setIgnoreTimes​(boolean value)
      • ignoreTimesTipText

        public String ignoreTimesTipText()
      • getRemoteOption

        public String getRemoteOption()
      • setRemoteOption

        public void setRemoteOption​(String value)
      • remoteOptionTipText

        public String remoteOptionTipText()
      • isSizeOnly

        public boolean isSizeOnly()
      • setSizeOnly

        public void setSizeOnly​(boolean value)
      • sizeOnlyTipText

        public String sizeOnlyTipText()
      • getModifyWindow

        public int getModifyWindow()
      • setModifyWindow

        public void setModifyWindow​(int value)
      • modifyWindowTipText

        public String modifyWindowTipText()
      • getTempDir

        public String getTempDir()
      • setTempDir

        public void setTempDir​(String value)
      • tempDirTipText

        public String tempDirTipText()
      • isFuzzy

        public boolean isFuzzy()
      • setFuzzy

        public void setFuzzy​(boolean value)
      • fuzzyTipText

        public String fuzzyTipText()
      • getCompareDest

        public BaseString[] getCompareDest()
      • setCompareDest

        public void setCompareDest​(BaseString[] value)
      • compareDestTipText

        public String compareDestTipText()
      • setCopyDest

        public void setCopyDest​(BaseString[] value)
      • copyDestTipText

        public String copyDestTipText()
      • setLinkDest

        public void setLinkDest​(BaseString[] value)
      • linkDestTipText

        public String linkDestTipText()
      • isCompress

        public boolean isCompress()
      • setCompress

        public void setCompress​(boolean value)
      • compressTipText

        public String compressTipText()
      • getCompressLevel

        public int getCompressLevel()
      • setCompressLevel

        public void setCompressLevel​(int value)
      • compressLevelTipText

        public String compressLevelTipText()
      • getSkipCompress

        public String getSkipCompress()
      • setSkipCompress

        public void setSkipCompress​(String value)
      • skipCompressTipText

        public String skipCompressTipText()
      • isCvsExclude

        public boolean isCvsExclude()
      • setCvsExclude

        public void setCvsExclude​(boolean value)
      • cvsExcludeTipText

        public String cvsExcludeTipText()
      • setFilter

        public void setFilter​(BaseString[] value)
      • filterTipText

        public String filterTipText()
      • setExclude

        public void setExclude​(BaseString[] value)
      • excludeTipText

        public String excludeTipText()
      • excludeFromTipText

        public String excludeFromTipText()
      • setInclude

        public void setInclude​(BaseString[] value)
      • includeTipText

        public String includeTipText()
      • includeFromTipText

        public String includeFromTipText()
      • filesFromTipText

        public String filesFromTipText()
      • isFrom0

        public boolean isFrom0()
      • setFrom0

        public void setFrom0​(boolean value)
      • from0TipText

        public String from0TipText()
      • isProtectArgs

        public boolean isProtectArgs()
      • setProtectArgs

        public void setProtectArgs​(boolean value)
      • protectArgsTipText

        public String protectArgsTipText()
      • getAddress

        public String getAddress()
      • setAddress

        public void setAddress​(String value)
      • addressTipText

        public String addressTipText()
      • getPort

        public int getPort()
      • setPort

        public void setPort​(int value)
      • portTipText

        public String portTipText()
      • getSockopts

        public String getSockopts()
      • setSockopts

        public void setSockopts​(String value)
      • sockoptsTipText

        public String sockoptsTipText()
      • isBlockingIO

        public boolean isBlockingIO()
      • setBlockingIO

        public void setBlockingIO​(boolean value)
      • blockingIOTipText

        public String blockingIOTipText()
      • isStats

        public boolean isStats()
      • setStats

        public void setStats​(boolean value)
      • statsTipText

        public String statsTipText()
      • isEightBitOutput

        public boolean isEightBitOutput()
      • setEightBitOutput

        public void setEightBitOutput​(boolean value)
      • eightBitOutputTipText

        public String eightBitOutputTipText()
      • isHumanReadable

        public boolean isHumanReadable()
      • setHumanReadable

        public void setHumanReadable​(boolean value)
      • humanReadableTipText

        public String humanReadableTipText()
      • isProgress

        public boolean isProgress()
      • setProgress

        public void setProgress​(boolean value)
      • progressTipText

        public String progressTipText()
      • isItemizeChanges

        public boolean isItemizeChanges()
      • setItemizeChanges

        public void setItemizeChanges​(boolean value)
      • itemizeChangesTipText

        public String itemizeChangesTipText()
      • getOutFormat

        public String getOutFormat()
      • setOutFormat

        public void setOutFormat​(String value)
      • outFormatTipText

        public String outFormatTipText()
      • logFileTipText

        public String logFileTipText()
      • getLogFileFormat

        public String getLogFileFormat()
      • setLogFileFormat

        public void setLogFileFormat​(String value)
      • logFileFormatTipText

        public String logFileFormatTipText()
      • getPasswordFile

        public String getPasswordFile()
      • setPasswordFile

        public void setPasswordFile​(String value)
      • passwordFileTipText

        public String passwordFileTipText()
      • isListOnly

        public boolean isListOnly()
      • setListOnly

        public void setListOnly​(boolean value)
      • listOnlyTipText

        public String listOnlyTipText()
      • getBwlimit

        public String getBwlimit()
      • setBwlimit

        public void setBwlimit​(String value)
      • bwlimitTipText

        public String bwlimitTipText()
      • getOutbuf

        public String getOutbuf()
      • setOutbuf

        public void setOutbuf​(String value)
      • outbufTipText

        public String outbufTipText()
      • writeBatchTipText

        public String writeBatchTipText()
      • setOnlyWriteBatch

        public void setOnlyWriteBatch​(PlaceholderFile value)
      • onlyWriteBatchTipText

        public String onlyWriteBatchTipText()
      • readBatchTipText

        public String readBatchTipText()
      • getProtocol

        public int getProtocol()
      • setProtocol

        public void setProtocol​(int value)
      • protocolTipText

        public String protocolTipText()
      • getIconv

        public String getIconv()
      • setIconv

        public void setIconv​(String value)
      • iconvTipText

        public String iconvTipText()
      • getChecksumSeed

        public int getChecksumSeed()
      • setChecksumSeed

        public void setChecksumSeed​(int value)
      • checksumSeedTipText

        public String checksumSeedTipText()
      • isIpv4

        public boolean isIpv4()
      • setIpv4

        public void setIpv4​(boolean value)
      • ipv4TipText

        public String ipv4TipText()
      • isIpv6

        public boolean isIpv6()
      • setIpv6

        public void setIpv6​(boolean value)
      • ipv6TipText

        public String ipv6TipText()
      • isVersion

        public boolean isVersion()
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion​(boolean value)
      • versionTipText

        public String versionTipText()
      • getMaxTime

        public int getMaxTime()
      • setMaxTime

        public void setMaxTime​(int value)
      • maxTimeTipText

        public String maxTimeTipText()
      • setPrefixStdOut

        public void setPrefixStdOut​(String value)
        Sets the (optional) prefix to use for output from stdout.
        value - the prefix
      • getPrefixStdOut

        public String getPrefixStdOut()
        Returns the (optional) prefix to use for output from stdout.
        the prefix
      • prefixStdOutTipText

        public String prefixStdOutTipText()
        Returns the tip text for this property.
        tip text for this property suitable for displaying in the GUI or for listing the options.
      • setPrefixStdErr

        public void setPrefixStdErr​(String value)
        Sets the (optional) prefix to use for output from stderr.
        value - the prefix
      • getPrefixStdErr

        public String getPrefixStdErr()
        Returns the (optional) prefix to use for output from stderr.
        the prefix
      • prefixStdErrTipText

        public String prefixStdErrTipText()
        Returns the tip text for this property.
        tip text for this property suitable for displaying in the GUI or for listing the options.
      • generates

        public Class[] generates()
        Returns the class of objects that it generates.
        Specified by:
        generates in interface OutputProducer
        the Class of the generated tokens
      • getOutputType

        public com.github.fracpete.processoutput4j.core.StreamingProcessOutputType getOutputType()
        Returns what output from the process to forward.
        Specified by:
        getOutputType in interface com.github.fracpete.processoutput4j.core.StreamingProcessOwner
        the output type
      • processOutput

        public void processOutput​(String line,
                                  boolean stdout)
        Processes the incoming line.
        Specified by:
        processOutput in interface com.github.fracpete.processoutput4j.core.StreamingProcessOwner
        line - the line to process
        stdout - whether stdout or stderr
      • doExecute

        protected String doExecute()
        Executes the flow item.
        Specified by:
        doExecute in class AbstractActor
        null if everything is fine, otherwise error message