Class Combined.CombinedPanel

    • Field Detail

      • m_PanelImage

        protected ImagePanel m_PanelImage
        the image panel.
      • m_PanelColors

        protected JPanel m_PanelColors
        the panel with the colors.
      • m_LabelAnnotationsColorBox

        protected JLabel m_LabelAnnotationsColorBox
        the label for the annotation color.
      • m_LabelPredictionsColorBox

        protected JLabel m_LabelPredictionsColorBox
        the label for the prediction color.
      • m_LabelOverlapColorCorrectText

        protected JLabel m_LabelOverlapColorCorrectText
        the label for the overlap color text (matching labels).
      • m_LabelOverlapColorCorrectBox

        protected JLabel m_LabelOverlapColorCorrectBox
        the label for the overlap color (matching labels).
      • m_LabelOverlapColorIncorrectText

        protected JLabel m_LabelOverlapColorIncorrectText
        the label for the overlap color text (mismatching labels).
      • m_LabelOverlapColorIncorrectBox

        protected JLabel m_LabelOverlapColorIncorrectBox
        the label for the overlap color (mismatching labels).
      • m_AnnotationsReport

        protected Report m_AnnotationsReport
        the annotations report.
      • m_AnnotationsLocatedObjects

        protected LocatedObjects m_AnnotationsLocatedObjects
        the located objects / annotations.
      • m_AnnotationsLabelSuffix

        protected String m_AnnotationsLabelSuffix
        the annotations label suffix.
      • m_PredictionsReport

        protected Report m_PredictionsReport
        the predictions report.
      • m_PredictionsLocatedObjects

        protected LocatedObjects m_PredictionsLocatedObjects
        the located objects / predictions.
      • m_PredictionsLabelSuffix

        protected String m_PredictionsLabelSuffix
        the predictions label suffix.
      • m_ObjectOverlap

        protected ObjectOverlap m_ObjectOverlap
        the algorithm for calculating the overlapping objects.
      • m_OverlapLocatedObjectsCorrect

        protected LocatedObjects m_OverlapLocatedObjectsCorrect
        the located objects / overlaps (matching labels).
      • m_OverlapLocatedObjectsIncorrect

        protected LocatedObjects m_OverlapLocatedObjectsIncorrect
        the located objects / overlaps (mismatching labels).
      • m_Zoom

        protected double m_Zoom
        the zoom level.
      • m_CombinedReport

        protected Report m_CombinedReport
        the combined report.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CombinedPanel

        public CombinedPanel()
    • Method Detail

      • setZoom

        public void setZoom​(double value)
        Sets the zoom level in percent (0-1600).
        value - the zoom, -1 to fit window, or 0-1600
      • setOverlay

        public void setOverlay​(ImageOverlay value)
        Sets the overlay to use for the objects.
        value - the overlay
      • setAnnotationsColor

        public void setAnnotationsColor​(Color value)
        Sets the color to use for the annotations.
        value - the color
      • setPredictionsColor

        public void setPredictionsColor​(Color value)
        Sets the color to use for the predictions.
        value - the color
      • setObjectOverlap

        public void setObjectOverlap​(ObjectOverlap value)
        Sets the algorithm to use for determining the overlapping object.
        value - the algorithm
      • setOverlapColorCorrect

        public void setOverlapColorCorrect​(Color value)
        Sets the color to use for the overlaps (matching labels).
        value - the color
      • setOverlapColorIncorrect

        public void setOverlapColorIncorrect​(Color value)
        Sets the color to use for the overlaps (mismatching labels).
        value - the color
      • filterObjects

        protected void filterObjects​(String label)
        Filters the objects using the specified label and updates the GUI.
        Specified by:
        filterObjects in class AbstractComparisonPanel
        label - the label to restrict display to, empty/null for all
      • updateLabelType

        protected LocatedObjects updateLabelType​(LocatedObjects objects,
                                                 String suffix)
        Updates the label type.
        objects - the objects to update
        suffix - the label suffix used
        the new objects using SUFFIX_TYPE for the label
      • display

        public void display​(AbstractImageContainer cont,
                            List<String> labels,
                            Report repAnn,
                            LocatedObjects objAnn,
                            Report repPred,
                            LocatedObjects objPred)
        Displays the new image.
        Specified by:
        display in class AbstractComparisonPanel
        cont - the image to display
        labels - the object labels
        repAnn - the report with the annotations (ground truth)
        objAnn - the object locations (ground truth from report)
        repPred - the report with the predictions
        objPred - the object locations (predictions)