Class SpreadSheetQueryPanel

    • Field Detail

      • m_ButtonOptions

        protected BaseButton m_ButtonOptions
        the button for the options.
      • m_ButtonHelp

        protected BaseButton m_ButtonHelp
        the button for displaying the help.
      • m_PanelBottom

        protected JPanel m_PanelBottom
        the panel for the buttons at the bottom.
      • m_PanelButtonsRight

        protected JPanel m_PanelButtonsRight
        the panel for the buttons on the right.
      • m_PanelButtonsLeft

        protected JPanel m_PanelButtonsLeft
        the panel for the buttons on the left.
      • m_ButtonHistory

        protected BaseButton m_ButtonHistory
        the button for the history.
      • m_PopupMenu

        protected JPopupMenu m_PopupMenu
        the popup menu for the recent items.
      • m_QueryChangeListeners

        protected Set<ChangeListener> m_QueryChangeListeners
        the change listeners.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SpreadSheetQueryPanel

        public SpreadSheetQueryPanel()
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        protected void initialize()
        Initializes the members.
        initialize in class BasePanel
      • initGUI

        protected void initGUI()
        Initializes the widgets.
        initGUI in class BasePanel
      • setQuery

        public void setQuery​(SpreadSheetQueryText value)
        Sets the query.
        value - the query to use
      • getQuery

        public SpreadSheetQueryText getQuery()
        Returns the current query.
        the current query
      • addQueryChangeListener

        public void addQueryChangeListener​(ChangeListener l)
        Adds the listener for changes in the query.
        l - the listener to add
      • removeQueryChangeListener

        public void removeQueryChangeListener​(ChangeListener l)
        Removes the listener for changes in the query.
        l - the listener to remove
      • notfyQueryChangeListeners

        protected void notfyQueryChangeListeners()
        Notifies all listeners that query has changed.
      • getButtonsLeft

        public JPanel getButtonsLeft()
        Returns the panel with the left buttons.
        the panel
      • getButtonsRight

        public JPanel getButtonsRight()
        Returns the panel with the right buttons.
        the panel
      • setHistoryVisible

        public void setHistoryVisible​(boolean value)
        Sets whether the history button is visible.
        value - true if visible
      • isHistoryVisible

        public boolean isHistoryVisible()
        Returns whether the history button is visible.
        true if visible
      • addToHistory

        public void addToHistory()
        Adds the current query to the history.