Class Renderer.DisabledIcon

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    public static class Renderer.DisabledIcon
    extends Renderer.ActorIcon
    A wrapper for icons in the tree to make them look disabled (light gray background).
    fracpete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
    • Constructor Detail

      • DisabledIcon

        public DisabledIcon​(Renderer.ActorIcon icon)
        Initializes the icon.
        icon - the actual icon
      • DisabledIcon

        public DisabledIcon​(ImageIcon icon,
                            double scaleFactor,
                            ActorExecution execution,
                            boolean debugOn,
                            boolean hasInput,
                            boolean hasOutput,
                            boolean hasSubActors,
                            boolean forwardsInput,
                            boolean deprecated)
        Initializes the icon.
        icon - the actual icon
        scaleFactor - the scale factor (1.0 = default size)
        execution - how to paint the visual cues
        debugOn - whether the actor has debugging enabled
        hasInput - whether the actor accepts input
        hasOutput - whether the actor generates output
        hasSubActors - whether the actor manages actors
        forwardsInput - whether the actor forwards the input to its sub-actors
        deprecated - whether the actor is deprecated
    • Method Detail

      • paintBackground

        protected void paintBackground​(Graphics g,
                                       int x,
                                       int y,
                                       int w,
                                       int h)
        Pains the background of the icon.
        paintBackground in class Renderer.ActorIcon
        g - the graphics context
        x - the x position
        y - the y position
        w - the width of the icon
        h - the height of the icon