Class StateContainer

  • public class StateContainer
    extends Object
    Simple container that just captures the current state of things of the flow tree, which allows menu items to decide whether to be executable or not.
    fracpete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
    • Field Detail

      • tree

        public Tree tree
        the tree this state is for.
      • selPaths

        public TreePath[] selPaths
        the currently selected paths.
      • numSel

        public int numSel
        the number of selected nodes.
      • nodeAtMouseLoc

        public Node nodeAtMouseLoc
        the node at the mouse position.
      • isSingleSel

        public boolean isSingleSel
        whether only a single node is selected.
      • selPath

        public TreePath selPath
        the path in case of single selection.
      • selNode

        public Node selNode
        the node in case of single selection.
      • parent

        public Node parent
        the parent of the selected node.
      • editable

        public boolean editable
        whether the tree/node is editable.
      • canRemove

        public boolean canRemove
        whether the node can be deleted.
      • canPaste

        public boolean canPaste
        whether clipboard content can be pasted.
      • isMutable

        public boolean isMutable
        whether the node is a mutable actor handler.
      • isParentMutable

        public boolean isParentMutable
        whether the parent is a mutable actor handler.
      • lastTemplateInsertPosition

        public TreeOperations.InsertPosition lastTemplateInsertPosition
        the position of the last template that was added via 'Add template'.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StateContainer

        public StateContainer()
    • Method Detail

      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a short description of the container's content.
        toString in class Object