Class GlobalInfoNode

    • Field Detail

      • m_GlobalInfo

        protected String m_GlobalInfo
        the global info.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GlobalInfoNode

        public GlobalInfoNode​(String classname,
                              String info)
        Initializes the node.
        classname - the class this global info is for
        info - the info to display
    • Method Detail

      • getIconName

        protected String getIconName()
        Returns the name of the icon to use for display in the tree.
        Specified by:
        getIconName in class AbstractInfoNode
        the name (no path)
      • setGlobalInfo

        public void setGlobalInfo​(String value)
        Sets the global info to display.
        value - the global info
      • getGlobalInfo

        public String getGlobalInfo()
        Returns the currently stored global info.
        the info