Class XSLTPanel

    • Field Detail

      • m_SplitPane1

        protected BaseSplitPane m_SplitPane1
        the first split pane.
      • m_SplitPane2

        protected BaseSplitPane m_SplitPane2
        the second split pane.
      • m_PanelButtons

        protected JPanel m_PanelButtons
        the buttons panel.
      • m_ButtonApply

        protected BaseButton m_ButtonApply
        the Apply button.
      • m_MenuItemValidating

        protected JCheckBoxMenuItem m_MenuItemValidating
        the menu item for validating.
      • m_MenuItemNamespaceAware

        protected JCheckBoxMenuItem m_MenuItemNamespaceAware
        the menu item for namespace aware.
      • m_MenuItemXInludeAware

        protected JCheckBoxMenuItem m_MenuItemXInludeAware
        the menu item for XInclude aware.
      • m_MenuItemExpandEntityReferences

        protected JCheckBoxMenuItem m_MenuItemExpandEntityReferences
        the menu item for expanding entity references.
      • m_MenuItemIgnoreComments

        protected JCheckBoxMenuItem m_MenuItemIgnoreComments
        the menu item for ignoring comments.
      • m_MenuItemIgnoreWhitespaces

        protected JCheckBoxMenuItem m_MenuItemIgnoreWhitespaces
        the menu item for ignoring whitespaces.
      • m_MenuBar

        protected JMenuBar m_MenuBar
        the menu bar.
    • Constructor Detail

      • XSLTPanel

        public XSLTPanel()
    • Method Detail

      • initGUI

        protected void initGUI()
        Initializes the widgets.
        initGUI in class BasePanel
      • getMenuBar

        public JMenuBar getMenuBar()
        Creates a menu bar (singleton per panel object). Can be used in frames.
        Specified by:
        getMenuBar in interface MenuBarProvider
        the menu bar
      • apply

        public void apply()
        Performs XSLT.