Class BatchFilterDatasetsPanel

    • Field Detail

      • m_Wizard

        protected WizardPane m_Wizard
        the wizard pane.
      • m_CloseParent

        protected boolean m_CloseParent
        whether to close parent.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BatchFilterDatasetsPanel

        public BatchFilterDatasetsPanel​(boolean closeParent)
        Initializes the panel.
        closeParent - whether to close parent once finished
    • Method Detail

      • initGUI

        protected void initGUI()
        For initializing the GUI.
        initGUI in class BasePanel
      • batchFilter

        protected void batchFilter​(String[] input,
                                   weka.filters.Filter filter,
                                   String classIndex,
                                   boolean keep,
                                   File outdir)
        Performs the batch filtering.
        input - the files to filter
        filter - the filter setup
        classIndex - the class index, empty for no class
        keep - whether to keep the relation name
        outdir - the output directory