Class PerFoldMultiPagePane

    • Constructor Detail

      • PerFoldMultiPagePane

        public PerFoldMultiPagePane​(AbstractOutputGenerator generator,
                                    ResultItem item,
                                    Class uiclass)
        Initializes the pane.
        generator - the output generator that generated this pane
        item - the underlying result item
        uiclass - the class the divider location is stored under
    • Method Detail

      • getItem

        public ResultItem getItem()
        Returns the underlying result item.
        the item
      • getOutputGenerator

        public AbstractOutputGenerator getOutputGenerator()
        Returns the underlying output generator.
        the generator
      • addPage

        public void addPage​(String title,
                            Component comp,
                            int fold)
        Adds the page at the end.
        title - the title
        comp - the page component
        fold - the fold, -1 for non-fold related page, 0 for full, 1-* for fold indices