Class AbstractZOverlayPaintlet

    • Field Detail

      • m_Calculated

        protected boolean m_Calculated
        whether the overlay has been calcualated
      • m_Ind

        protected int m_Ind
        index of the attribute being displayed
      • m_AxisLeft

        protected AxisPanel m_AxisLeft
        y axis of plot
      • m_AxisBottom

        protected AxisPanel m_AxisBottom
        x axis of plot
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractZOverlayPaintlet

        public AbstractZOverlayPaintlet()
    • Method Detail

      • setStd

        public abstract void setStd​(double val)
        set the number of standard deviations for the overlay only relevant for the stddev overlay
        val - number of std dev from mean
      • parameters

        public void parameters​(SpreadSheet data,
                               int ind)
        Pass the paramters required by the overlay paintlet
        data - Instances to be plotted
        ind - index of the attribute within the instacnes
      • drawData

        protected abstract void drawData​(Graphics g)
        Draw the overlay onto the z score plot, only calculates the value to position in this method
        g - graphics to draw on
      • calculate

        public void calculate()
        calculates the data for the paintlet, doesn't handle the drawing of the data
      • setCalculated

        public void setCalculated​(boolean val)
        set whether the paintlet has been calculated
        val - Truen if paintlet calculated
      • getCalculated

        public boolean getCalculated()
        Get whether the paintlet has been calculated
        True if paintlet calculated