Class HistogramPaintlet

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Destroyable, GlobalInfoSupporter, LoggingLevelHandler, LoggingSupporter, OptionHandler, ShallowCopySupporter<Paintlet>, SizeOfHandler, Paintlet, Serializable

    public class HistogramPaintlet
    extends AbstractColorPaintlet
    Paints the histogram

    Valid options are:

    -D <int> (property: debugLevel)
        The greater the number the more additional info the scheme may output to
        the console (0 = off).
        default: 0
        minimum: 0
    -stroke-thickness <float> (property: strokeThickness)
        The thickness of the stroke.
        default: 1.0
        minimum: 0.01
    -color <java.awt.Color> (property: color)
        Stroke color for the paintlet
        default: #000000
    -fill-bins (property: fillBins)
        Fill the bins with color
    -fill-color <java.awt.Color> (property: fillColor)
        color for filling the bins
        default: #ff0000
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • m_Fill

        protected boolean m_Fill
        Whether to fill the bins with color
      • m_FillColor

        protected Color m_FillColor
        Color to fill the bins with if fill is chosen
    • Constructor Detail

      • HistogramPaintlet

        public HistogramPaintlet()
    • Method Detail

      • setFillBins

        public void setFillBins​(boolean val)
        Set whether the bins should be filled with color
        val - True if bins filled
      • getFillBins

        public boolean getFillBins()
        get whether the bins should be filled with color
        true if bins filled
      • fillBinsTipText

        public String fillBinsTipText()
        Tip text for the fill bins property
        String describing the property
      • setFillColor

        public void setFillColor​(Color val)
        Set the color for filling the bins
        val - Color for fill
      • getFillColor

        public Color getFillColor()
        Get the color for filling the bins
        Color for fill
      • fillColorTipText

        public String fillColorTipText()
        Tip text for the color property
        Color describing the property