Class AbstractColumnSubsetFilter

    • Field Detail

      • m_ColumnSubset

        protected ColumnSubset m_ColumnSubset
        how to determine columns to use for filtering.
      • m_DropOtherColumns

        protected boolean m_DropOtherColumns
        whether to drop the unprocessed columns (excl class columns).
      • m_DataColumns

        protected gnu.trove.list.TIntList m_DataColumns
        the indices of the columns to use in the filtering process.
      • m_ClassColumns

        protected gnu.trove.list.TIntList m_ClassColumns
        the indices of the class columns to use in the filtering process.
      • m_OtherColumns

        protected gnu.trove.list.TIntList m_OtherColumns
        the indices of the other columns not to be used in the filtering process.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractColumnSubsetFilter

        public AbstractColumnSubsetFilter()