Class AbstractScriptingEngine

    • Field Detail

      • m_FlowContext

        protected Actor m_FlowContext
        the flow context.
      • m_PermissionHandler

        protected PermissionHandler m_PermissionHandler
        the permission handler.
      • m_RequestHandler

        protected RequestHandler m_RequestHandler
        the request handler.
      • m_ResponseHandler

        protected ResponseHandler m_ResponseHandler
        the response handler to use.
      • m_Paused

        protected boolean m_Paused
        whether the engine is paused.
      • m_Stopped

        protected boolean m_Stopped
        whether the engine is stopped.
      • m_Running

        protected boolean m_Running
        whether the engine is running.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractScriptingEngine

        public AbstractScriptingEngine()