Class SIMPLSMatrixFilter

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    Serializable, weka.core.CapabilitiesHandler, weka.core.CapabilitiesIgnorer, weka.core.CommandlineRunnable, weka.core.OptionHandler, weka.core.RevisionHandler, weka.core.TechnicalInformationHandler, weka.filters.SupervisedFilter

    public class SIMPLSMatrixFilter
    extends weka.filters.supervised.attribute.PLSFilter
    Runs Partial Least Square Regression over the given instances and computes the resulting beta matrix for prediction.
    By default it replaces missing values and centers the data.

    Allows access to the internal matrices.

    For more information see:

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    Valid options are:

      Turns on output of debugging information.
     -C <num>
      The number of components to compute.
      (default: 20)
      Updates the class attribute as well.
      (default: off)
      Turns replacing of missing values on.
      (default: off)
     -A <SIMPLS|PLS1>
      The algorithm to use.
      (default: PLS1)
     -P <none|center|standardize>
      The type of preprocessing that is applied to the data.
      (default: center)
    $Revision: 10824 $
    FracPete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      protected weka.core.matrix.Matrix m_SIMPLS_MATRIX_LOCAL  
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        ALGORITHM_PLS1, ALGORITHM_SIMPLS, m_Algorithm, m_ClassMean, m_ClassStdDev, m_Filter, m_Missing, m_NumComponents, m_PerformPrediction, m_PLS1_b_hat, m_PLS1_P, m_PLS1_RegVector, m_PLS1_W, m_Preprocessing, m_ReplaceMissing, m_SIMPLS_B, m_SIMPLS_W, PREPROCESSING_CENTER, PREPROCESSING_NONE, PREPROCESSING_STANDARDIZE, TAGS_ALGORITHM, TAGS_PREPROCESSING
      • Fields inherited from class weka.filters.Filter

        m_Debug, m_DoNotCheckCapabilities, m_FirstBatchDone, m_InputRelAtts, m_InputStringAtts, m_NewBatch, m_OutputRelAtts, m_OutputStringAtts
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      weka.core.matrix.Matrix getMatrix()  
      String globalInfo()
      Returns a string describing this classifier.
      void initialiseW​(weka.core.Instances ins)  
      void initialiseWeights()  
      static void main​(String[] args)
      runs the filter with the given arguments.
      protected weka.core.Instances processSIMPLS​(weka.core.Instances instances)  
      void setMatrix​(weka.core.matrix.Matrix m)  
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        algorithmTipText, columnAsVector, determineOutputFormat, getAlgorithm, getCapabilities, getDominantEigenVector, getNumComponents, getOptions, getPerformPrediction, getPreprocessing, getReplaceMissing, getRevision, getTechnicalInformation, getVector, getX, getX, getY, getY, listOptions, normalizeVector, numComponentsTipText, performPredictionTipText, preprocessingTipText, process, processPLS1, replaceMissingTipText, setAlgorithm, setNumComponents, setOptions, setPerformPrediction, setPreprocessing, setReplaceMissing, setVector, toInstances
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        allowAccessToFullInputFormat, batchFinished, hasImmediateOutputFormat, input, input
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        reset, setInputFormat
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        batchFilterFile, bufferInput, copyValues, copyValues, debugTipText, doNotCheckCapabilitiesTipText, filterFile, flushInput, getCapabilities, getCopyOfInputFormat, getDebug, getDoNotCheckCapabilities, getInputFormat, getOutputFormat, initInputLocators, initOutputLocators, inputFormatPeek, isFirstBatchDone, isNewBatch, isOutputFormatDefined, makeCopies, makeCopy, mayRemoveInstanceAfterFirstBatchDone, numPendingOutput, output, outputFormatPeek, outputPeek, postExecution, preExecution, push, push, resetQueue, run, runFilter, setDebug, setDoNotCheckCapabilities, setOutputFormat, testInputFormat, toString, useFilter, wekaStaticWrapper
    • Field Detail


        protected weka.core.matrix.Matrix m_SIMPLS_MATRIX_LOCAL
    • Constructor Detail

      • SIMPLSMatrixFilter

        public SIMPLSMatrixFilter()
    • Method Detail

      • initialiseWeights

        public void initialiseWeights()
      • initialiseW

        public void initialiseW​(weka.core.Instances ins)
                         throws Exception
      • setMatrix

        public void setMatrix​(weka.core.matrix.Matrix m)
      • getMatrix

        public weka.core.matrix.Matrix getMatrix()
      • processSIMPLS

        protected weka.core.Instances processSIMPLS​(weka.core.Instances instances)
                                             throws Exception
        processSIMPLS in class weka.filters.supervised.attribute.PLSFilter
      • globalInfo

        public String globalInfo()
        Returns a string describing this classifier.
        globalInfo in class weka.filters.supervised.attribute.PLSFilter
        a description of the classifier suitable for displaying in the explorer/experimenter gui
      • main

        public static void main​(String[] args)
        runs the filter with the given arguments.
        args - the commandline arguments