Class ClassRangeBasedClassifierErrors

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    public class ClassRangeBasedClassifierErrors
    extends Object
    implements weka.gui.visualize.plugins.ErrorVisualizePlugin
    Displays the classifier errors using Weka panels, but with a sizes adjusted to the class range. Only works with numeric class attributes.
    fracpete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
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        public static final int REFERENCE_SIZE
        the error size of the reference error (mid-class range).
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        Constant Field Values
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      • ClassRangeBasedClassifierErrors

        public ClassRangeBasedClassifierErrors()
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      • getVisualizeMenuItem

        public JMenuItem getVisualizeMenuItem​(weka.core.Instances predInst)
        Get a JMenu or JMenuItem which contain action listeners that perform the visualization of the classifier errors.

        The actual class is the attribute declared as class attribute, the predicted class values is found in the attribute prior to the class attribute's position. In other words, if the classIndex() method returns 10, then the attribute position for the predicted class values is 9.

        Exceptions thrown because of changes in Weka since compilation need to be caught by the implementer.
        Specified by:
        getVisualizeMenuItem in interface weka.gui.visualize.plugins.ErrorVisualizePlugin
        predInst - the instances with the actual and predicted class values
        menuitem for opening visualization(s), or null to indicate no visualization is applicable for the input
        See Also:
        NoClassDefFoundError, IncompatibleClassChangeError
      • getMinVersion

        public String getMinVersion()
        Get the minimum version of Weka, inclusive, the class is designed to work with. eg: 3.5.0
        Specified by:
        getMinVersion in interface weka.gui.visualize.plugins.ErrorVisualizePlugin
        the minimum version
      • getMaxVersion

        public String getMaxVersion()
        Get the maximum version of Weka, exclusive, the class is designed to work with. eg: 3.6.0
        Specified by:
        getMaxVersion in interface weka.gui.visualize.plugins.ErrorVisualizePlugin
        the maximum version
      • getDesignVersion

        public String getDesignVersion()
        Get the specific version of Weka the class is designed for. eg: 3.5.1
        Specified by:
        getDesignVersion in interface weka.gui.visualize.plugins.ErrorVisualizePlugin
        the version the plugin was designed for