• adams-basic-app -- minimalistic application with Weka, Groovy, spreadsheet, visualstats (zip)
  • adams-base-all -- contains all basic modules (zip)
  • adams-addons-all -- contains all basic modules and addons modules (zip)
  • adams-ml-app -- contains machine learning, scripting and spreadsheet modules (zip)
  • adams-spectral-app -- contains module for handling spectra (2-dimensional spectra like NIR, MIR, XRF and 3-way data like EEM fluorescence spectra) spreadsheet modules and Weka module (zip)
  • adams-deeplearning-spectral-app -- same as adams-spectral-app but with deep learning modules (zip)
  • adams-annotator -- application for annotating videos with meta-data, e.g., for monitoring rodent behavior in lab environments (zip)
  • additional libraries
    • CUDA 8.0 support for multiway-algorithms (zip)


  • Over 70 new actors, nearly 20 new conversions
  • Removed deeplearning4j module (not stable enough, constant API changes)
  • Removed Java support for Microsoft's CNTK deep learning framework (too specific to one version of CNTK)
  • New modules: python, mongo-db, rest, 3-way data, audio, ffmpeg, tensorflow
  • Forked adams-weka into adams-weka-lts to provide our commercial clients with a stable Weka API (affects only the spectral applications)
  • New tabs in the WEKA Investigator: Compare, Data query, ICA
  • Now compiles and works under Java 9+
  • SQL Workbench tool for running SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE queries
  • Find in files tool for locating files that contain text (simple substring or regular expression matching)
  • Image annotations can be bounding boxes or polygons now
  • File-based cross-validation, train/test splits, to be used for generating deeplearning datasets
  • More variants of partial least squares added
  • lots of speed improvements when working with large flows, i.e., flows with several 10,000 actors (load/save/undo/redo)
  • Publish/subscribe framework for sending notifications (used within RATS)
  • Support for xz and zstd compression
  • Switched some tools from multi-tab to multi-page, in order to save vertical space and make better use of widescreen monitors
  • Added support for undo for tab- or multi-page-based tools

Launching ADAMS

Unzip the archive and execute the appropriate shell/batch script from a terminal:

  • Linux/Unix/OSX: bin/run
  • Windows: bin/run.bat