• adams-basic-app -- minimalistic application with Groovy, spreadsheet (zip)

  • adams-base-all -- contains all basic modules (zip)

  • adams-addons-all -- contains all basic modules and addons modules (zip)

  • adams-ml-app -- contains machine learning, scripting and spreadsheet modules (zip)

  • adams-spectral-app -- contains module for handling spectra (2-dimensional spectra like NIR, MIR, XRF and 3-way data like EEM fluorescence spectra) spreadsheet modules and Weka module (zip)

  • additional libraries

    • CUDA 8.0 support for multiway-algorithms (zip)

    • CUDA 9.2 support for multiway-algorithms (zip)


  • Over 70 new actors and over 20 new conversions

  • Integration with RabbitMQ message broker for distribution compute jobs and sub-flows

  • Communication with Python processes via Pyro4, eg for integrating scikit-learn models as regular Weka classifiers

  • Better support for Java collections

  • MOA updated to latest release

  • Improved support for merging spreadsheets and Weka datasets

  • Slimmed down adams-core module, by moving out mathematical, JSON, YAML, XML functionality into separate modules. JDBC functionality other than MySQL got moved into the adams-db module.

  • Split adams-rats into separate modules: core, net, rest, webservice (SOAP)

  • Moved out HTML functionality from adams-net into new module adams-html

  • New adams-groovy-rest module for writing REST webservices entirely in Groovy, avoiding compilation

  • Rest webservices work over https as well

  • Compression/decompression actors for bzip2, gzip, lzf, lzma, xz and zstd can process raw byte arrays in addition to files

  • The Weka Investigator can generate outputs also on a per-split basis when using cross-validation as evaluation method, it can also distribute cross-validation jobs via RabbitMQ to a compute farm

  • Support for Debian and RPM packages, simplifying generation of docker images

Launching ADAMS

Unzip the ZIP archive and execute the appropriate shell/batch script from a terminal:

  • Linux/Unix/OSX: bin/start_gui.sh

  • Windows: bin/start_gui.bat

Linux users, when installing an Debian or RPM package, can start ADAMS either from their start menu or from the terminal (via adams-*-gui).