Class AudioAnnotationPanel

    • Field Detail


        public static final int BORDER_THICKNESS
        The thickness of the border around the button
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
      • OFF_COLOUR

        public static final Color OFF_COLOUR
        the off colour for a togglable button's boarder
      • ON_COLOUR

        public static final Color ON_COLOUR
        the on colour for a togglable button's boarder
      • m_Listeners

        protected List<AnnotationListener> m_Listeners
        The list of listeners registered with this panel
      • m_Binding

        protected Binding m_Binding
        The binding this panel manages
      • m_Action

        protected adams.gui.action.AbstractBaseAction m_Action
        the action to perform when the binding is activate
      • m_Interval

        protected long m_Interval
        The Interval which this toggle runs at
      • m_IsToggleable

        protected boolean m_IsToggleable
        a bool to say if this is a toggleable binding or not
      • m_IsToggled

        protected boolean m_IsToggled
        a bool to say if this binding is currently toggled on
      • m_Button

        protected adams.gui.core.BaseButton m_Button
        a button to indicate when a binding is pressed or toggled on
    • Constructor Detail

      • AudioAnnotationPanel

        public AudioAnnotationPanel()
    • Method Detail

      • configureAnnotationPanel

        public void configureAnnotationPanel​(Binding binding,
                                             AudioPlaybackPanel player)
        Constructs a AnnotationPanel
        binding - the binding this panel manages
      • makeStep

        protected void makeStep​(adams.core.TimeMsec timestamp)
        Creates a step for a given timestamp and alerts the listeners
        timestamp - the timestamp for the step
      • initialize

        protected void initialize()
        initialize in class adams.gui.core.BasePanel
      • initGUI

        protected void initGUI()
        initGUI in class adams.gui.core.BasePanel
      • finishInit

        protected void finishInit()
        finishInit in class adams.gui.core.BasePanel
      • addListener

        public void addListener​(AnnotationListener listener)
        Adds a listener to this panel
        listener - the listener to add
      • addKeyBinding

        protected adams.gui.action.AbstractBaseAction addKeyBinding​(Binding binding)
        Adds a binding to the panel
        binding - : binding to add
      • notifyListeners

        protected void notifyListeners​(AudioAnnotation annotation)
        Notifies all listeners
        annotation - the annotation to send in the notification
      • tickHappened

        public void tickHappened​(TickEvent e)
        Description copied from interface: TickListener
        Called by the object the listener is registered with to aleart the Ticklistener that a tick has happened
        Specified by:
        tickHappened in interface TickListener
        e - an event that contains information about the tick