Class DirectoryDialog

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    com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.BasePane, com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.Composite, com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.Window

    public class DirectoryDialog
    extends com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.dialogs.DialogWindow
    Dialog that allows the user to iterate the file system and pick directory.
    Martin, FracPete (fracpete at waikato dot ac dot nz)
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        contentHolder, interactableLookupMap
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      Constructor Description
      DirectoryDialog​(String title, String description, String actionLabel, com.googlecode.lanterna.TerminalSize dialogSize, boolean showHiddenDirs, File selectedObject)
      Default constructor for DirectoryDialog
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      File showDialog​(com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.WindowBasedTextGUI textGUI)
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    • Constructor Detail

      • DirectoryDialog

        public DirectoryDialog​(String title,
                               String description,
                               String actionLabel,
                               com.googlecode.lanterna.TerminalSize dialogSize,
                               boolean showHiddenDirs,
                               File selectedObject)
        Default constructor for DirectoryDialog
        title - Title of the dialog
        description - Description of the dialog, is displayed at the top of the content area
        actionLabel - Label to use on the "confirm" button, for example "open" or "save"
        dialogSize - Rough estimation of how big you want the dialog to be
        showHiddenDirs - If true, hidden directories will be visible
        selectedObject - Initially selected directory node
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      • showDialog

        public File showDialog​(com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.WindowBasedTextGUI textGUI)
        showDialog in class com.googlecode.lanterna.gui2.dialogs.DialogWindow
        textGUI - Text GUI to add the dialog to
        The directory which was selected in the dialog or null if the dialog was cancelled