Class Ranmar

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Cloneable

    public class Ranmar
    extends RandomSeedable
    implements Serializable
    RANMAR is a lagged Fibonacci generator proposed by Marsaglia and Zaman and is a good research grade generator. This version of RANMAR is based on the paper by James, which is a good reference for the properties of RANMAR and several other generators.
    F. James, Comp. Phys. Comm. 60 (1990) p 329-344
    and was originally described in
    G. Marsaglia, A. Zaman and W.-W Tsang, Stat. Prob. Lett 9 (1990) p 35.

    Source code is available.

    Paul Houle (E-mail:
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • DEFSEED

        public static int DEFSEED
        Default seed. DEFSEED=54217137
      • BIG_PRIME

        public static int BIG_PRIME
        The 46,009,220nd prime number, he largest prime less than 9*108. Used as a modulus because this version of RANMAR needs a seed between 0 and 9*108 and BIG_PRIME isn't commensurate with any regular period. BIG_PRIME= 899999963
    • Constructor Detail

      • Ranmar

        public Ranmar​(int ijkl)
        Initialize Ranmar with a specified integer seed
        ijkl - seed integer; Ranmar(int ijkl) takes uses ijkl modulus BIG_PRIME as a seed for RANMAR.
      • Ranmar

        public Ranmar​(long ijkl)
        Initialize Ranmar with a specified long seed
        ijkl - seed long; Ranmar(long ijkl) takes uses ijkl modulus BIG_PRIME as a seed for RANMAR.
      • Ranmar

        public Ranmar()
        Initialize Ranmar with a default seed taken from Marsaglia and Zaman's paper. Equivalent to Ranmar(54217137).
      • Ranmar

        public Ranmar​(Date d)
        Seed RANMAR from the clock.
         RandomElement e=new Ranmar(new Date());
        d - a Date object to seed Ranmar with, typically new Date()
    • Method Detail

      • raw

        public final double raw()
        The generator
        Specified by:
        raw in class RandomElement
        a pseudo random number
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      • raw

        public final void raw​(double[] d,
                              int n)
        A version of the generator for filling arrays, inlined for speed
        raw in class RandomElement
        d - an array of doubles to be filled
        n - size of the array