Package adams.db

Interface BulkReportUpdater<T extends Report>

    • Method Detail

      • bulkStore

        boolean bulkStore​(T[] records,
                          DataType[] types,
                          String skipFields,
                          int batchSize,
                          boolean autoCommit,
                          boolean newConnection)
        Stores the records. Removes any previously existing reference values.
        records - the report
        types - the data types to import
        skipFields - the fields to skip (regular expression), null to accept all
        batchSize - the maximum number of records in one batch
        autoCommit - whether to use auto-commit or not (turning off may impact other transactions!)
        newConnection - uses a separate database connection just for this connection (then no auto-commit doesn't affect the rest)
        true if successfully inserted/updated
      • stopBulkStore

        void stopBulkStore()
        Interrupts a currently running bulk store, if possible.