Class EmailSetupPanel

    • Field Detail

      • m_PanelParameters

        protected ParameterPanel m_PanelParameters
        the parameters.
      • m_CheckBoxEnabled

        protected BaseCheckBox m_CheckBoxEnabled
        Whether to enable email support.
      • m_TextSmtpServer

        protected BaseTextField m_TextSmtpServer
        the SMTP host.
      • m_SpinnerSmtpPort

        protected JSpinner m_SpinnerSmtpPort
        the SMTP port.
      • m_SpinnerSmtpTimeout

        protected JSpinner m_SpinnerSmtpTimeout
        the SMTP timeout.
      • m_CheckBoxSmtpRequiresAuthentication

        protected BaseCheckBox m_CheckBoxSmtpRequiresAuthentication
        Whether the SMTP server requires authentication.
      • m_CheckBoxSmtpStartTLS

        protected BaseCheckBox m_CheckBoxSmtpStartTLS
        Whether to start TLS.
      • m_TextSmtpProtocols

        protected BaseTextField m_TextSmtpProtocols
        The protocols to use.
      • m_CheckBoxSmtpUseSSL

        protected BaseCheckBox m_CheckBoxSmtpUseSSL
        Whether to use SSL.
      • m_TextSmtpUser

        protected BaseTextField m_TextSmtpUser
        the SMTP user.
      • m_TextSmtpPassword

        protected BasePasswordField m_TextSmtpPassword
        the SMTP password.
      • m_CheckBoxShowPassword

        protected BaseCheckBox m_CheckBoxShowPassword
        Whether to show the password.
      • m_TextDefaultFromAddress

        protected BaseTextField m_TextDefaultFromAddress
        the default FROM address.
      • m_TextDefaultSignature

        protected BaseTextChooserPanel m_TextDefaultSignature
        the default signature.
      • m_TextSupportEmailAddress

        protected BaseTextField m_TextSupportEmailAddress
        the support email addres.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EmailSetupPanel

        public EmailSetupPanel()