Interface SearchableTableModel

    • Method Detail

      • getActualRow

        int getActualRow​(int rowIndex)
        Returns the actual row in the model.
        rowIndex - the row of the currently displayed data
        the row in the underlying data
      • getActualRowCount

        int getActualRowCount()
        Returns the actual row count in the model.
        the row count in the underlying data
      • search

        void search​(String searchString,
                    boolean regexp)
        Performs a search for the given string. Limits the display of rows to ones containing the search string.
        searchString - the string to search for
        regexp - whether to perform regular expression matching or just plain string comparison
      • getSeachString

        String getSeachString()
        Returns the current search string.
        the search string, null if not filtered
      • isRegExpSearch

        boolean isRegExpSearch()
        Returns whether the last search was a regular expression based one.
        true if last search was a reg exp one