Class SpreadSheetCellRenderer

    • Constructor Detail

      • SpreadSheetCellRenderer

        public SpreadSheetCellRenderer()
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      • getTableCellRendererComponent

        public Component getTableCellRendererComponent​(JTable table,
                                                       Object value,
                                                       boolean isSelected,
                                                       boolean hasFocus,
                                                       int row,
                                                       int column)
        Returns the default table cell renderer.
        Specified by:
        getTableCellRendererComponent in interface TableCellRenderer
        getTableCellRendererComponent in class DefaultTableCellRenderer
        table - the table this object belongs to
        value - the actual cell value
        isSelected - whether the cell is selected
        hasFocus - whether the cell has the focus
        row - the row in the table
        column - the column in the table
        the rendering component