Class MakeCompatibleDatasets

    • Constructor Detail

      • MakeCompatibleDatasets

        public MakeCompatibleDatasets()
        Initializes the menu item with no owner.
      • MakeCompatibleDatasets

        public MakeCompatibleDatasets​(AbstractApplicationFrame owner)
        Initializes the menu item.
        owner - the owning application
    • Method Detail

      • doGenerate

        protected void doGenerate​(ChildFrame frame,
                                  Properties props)
        Performs the data generation.
        frame - the frame to close
        props - the configuration
      • createFlow

        protected Flow createFlow​(PlaceholderFile[] input,
                                  weka.core.converters.AbstractFileLoader loader,
                                  SpreadSheetReader reader,
                                  String ext,
                                  PlaceholderDirectory output)
                           throws Exception
        Creates the flow.
        input - the input files
        loader - the custom loader, null if automatic
        reader - the spreadsheet reader, null if not to use
        ext - the file extension to which to apply the spreadsheet reader
        output - the output directory to store the generated ARFF files in
        the flow
        Exception - if set up fails
      • isSingleton

        public boolean isSingleton()
        Whether the panel can only be displayed once.
        Specified by:
        isSingleton in class AbstractMenuItemDefinition
        true if the panel can only be displayed once
      • getCategory

        public String getCategory()
        Returns the category of the menu item in which it should appear, i.e., the name of the menu.
        Specified by:
        getCategory in class AbstractMenuItemDefinition
        the category/menu name