Class DataContainerPanelWithSidePanel<T extends DataContainer,​M extends AbstractContainerManager>

    • Field Detail

      • m_SplitPane

        protected BaseSplitPane m_SplitPane
        the split pane (if a side panel is supported).
      • m_FirstRevalidate

        protected boolean m_FirstRevalidate
        indicates whether it is the first revalidate.
      • m_SidePanel

        protected JPanel m_SidePanel
        the side panel.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DataContainerPanelWithSidePanel

        public DataContainerPanelWithSidePanel()
        Initializes the panel without title.
      • DataContainerPanelWithSidePanel

        public DataContainerPanelWithSidePanel​(String title)
        Initializes the panel with the given title.
        title - the title for the panel
    • Method Detail

      • setSidePanelVisible

        public void setSidePanelVisible​(boolean visible)
        Whether to display the side panel or not.
        visible - if true, then the side panel will be displayed
      • isSidePanelVisible

        public boolean isSidePanelVisible()
        Returns whether the side panel is visible or not.
        true if the side panel is visible
      • getSidePanel

        public JPanel getSidePanel()
        Returns the side panel.
        the side panel
      • revalidate

        public void revalidate()
        Supports deferred automatic layout.

        Calls invalidate and then adds this component's validateRoot to a list of components that need to be validated. Validation will occur after all currently pending events have been dispatched. In other words after this method is called, the first validateRoot (if any) found when walking up the containment hierarchy of this component will be validated. By default, JRootPane, JScrollPane, and BaseTextField return true from isValidateRoot.

        This method will automatically be called on this component when a property value changes such that size, location, or internal layout of this component has been affected. This automatic updating differs from the AWT because programs generally no longer need to invoke validate to get the contents of the GUI to update.

        revalidate in class JComponent
      • setDividerLocation

        public void setDividerLocation​(int value)
        Sets the location of the divider.
        value - the position in pixel
      • setDividerLocation

        public void setDividerLocation​(double value)
        Sets the proportional location of the divider.
        value - the proportional position (0-1)
      • getDividerLocation

        public int getDividerLocation()
        Returns the current location of the divider.
        the position in pixel