Class AbstractImageViewerPluginWithGOE

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractImageViewerPluginWithGOE

        public AbstractImageViewerPluginWithGOE()
    • Method Detail

      • getEditorType

        protected abstract Class getEditorType()
        Returns the class to use as type (= superclass) in the GOE.
        the class
      • getDefaultValue

        protected abstract Object getDefaultValue()
        Returns the default object to use in the GOE if no last setup is yet available.
        the object
      • getCanChangeClassInDialog

        protected boolean getCanChangeClassInDialog()
        Returns whether the class can be changed in the GOE.
        true if class can be changed by the user
      • getDialogSize

        protected Dimension getDialogSize()
        Returns the size of the dialog.
        the size
      • process

        protected abstract String process()
        Processes the image.
      • doExecute

        protected String doExecute()
        Executes the plugin.
        Specified by:
        doExecute in class AbstractToolPlugin<ImagePanel>
        null if OK, otherwise error message. Using an empty string will suppress the error message display and the creation of a log entry.