Class Brightness.BrightnessDialog

    • Field Detail

      • m_Owner

        protected Brightness m_Owner
        the owner.
      • m_TextFactor

        protected BaseTextField m_TextFactor
        the brightness factor.
      • m_TextOffset

        protected BaseTextField m_TextOffset
        the brightness offset.
      • m_ButtonPreview

        protected BaseButton m_ButtonPreview
        the preview button.
      • m_ButtonOK

        protected BaseButton m_ButtonOK
        the ok button.
      • m_ButtonCancel

        protected BaseButton m_ButtonCancel
        the cancel button.
      • m_Brightness

        protected Brightness m_Brightness
        the current setup for changing the brightness.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BrightnessDialog

        public BrightnessDialog​(Dialog owner)
        Creates a modal dialog without a title with the specified Dialog as its owner.
        owner - the owning dialog
      • BrightnessDialog

        public BrightnessDialog​(Frame owner)
        Creates a modal dialog without a title with the specified Frame as its owner.
        owner - the owning frame
    • Method Detail

      • finishInit

        protected void finishInit()
        Finishes the initialization.
        finishInit in class BaseDialog
      • setOwnerPlugin

        public void setOwnerPlugin​(Brightness value)
        Sets the owner of this dialog.
        value - the owner
      • getOwnerPlugin

        public Brightness getOwnerPlugin()
        Returns the owner of this dialog.
        the owner
      • updateSetup

        protected boolean updateSetup()
        Updates the setup.
        whether successfully updated
      • preview

        protected void preview()
        Performs a preview with the current settings.
      • setBrightness

        public void setBrightness​(Brightness value)
        Sets the setup to use.
        value - the setup, use null for default setup
      • getBrightness

        public Brightness getBrightness()
        Returns the current setup.
        the setup, null if dialog canceled