Class Matrix

    • Field Detail

      • m_Centre

        protected JPanel m_Centre
        Panel for displaying the scatter plots
      • m_Spin

        protected JSpinner m_Spin
        for choosing the size of each scatter plot
      • m_PanelOverlay

        protected GenericArrayEditorPanel m_PanelOverlay
        Displays a GAE for choosing overlays for the scatter plots
      • m_PanelPaintlet

        protected GenericObjectEditorPanel m_PanelPaintlet
        Displas a GOE for choosing the paintlet for the scatterplots
      • m_ScatterPlots

        protected ArrayList<ScatterPlotSimple> m_ScatterPlots
        array list contatining all of the scatter plots displayed in this matrix plot
      • m_OldHash

        protected HashSet<String> m_OldHash
        Commandline strings of overlays before new overlays chosen
      • m_Panels

        protected ArrayList<JPanel> m_Panels
        panels displaying names of attributes
      • m_Percent

        protected int m_Percent
        Percentage of sample to use for sum-sample
      • m_SpinPercent

        protected JSpinner m_SpinPercent
        Spinner for choosing percent of data to sample
      • m_DeleteOverlay

        protected HashSet<String> m_DeleteOverlay
        Commandline strings of overlays to be deleted
      • m_NewOverlay

        protected HashSet<String> m_NewOverlay
        Commandline strings of new overlays to be added
      • m_Bar

        protected JProgressBar m_Bar
        Progress bar for displaying update progress
      • m_Work

        protected adams.gui.visualization.stats.scatterplot.Matrix.progressWorker m_Work
        Swing worker for displaying gui during update
      • m_Progress

        protected JPanel m_Progress
        Panel for displaying the progress bar
      • m_NeedUpdate

        protected boolean m_NeedUpdate
        Whether an update is required, if an option has been changed
      • m_Stop

        protected BaseButton m_Stop
        Button to stop the thread updating the overlays
      • m_OptionPanel

        protected ParameterPanel m_OptionPanel
        Panel containing the matrix options
    • Constructor Detail

      • Matrix

        public Matrix()
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        protected void initialize()
        Description copied from class: BasePanel
        For initializing members.
        initialize in class BasePanel
      • setData

        public void setData​(SpreadSheet inst)
        Set the instances to be displayed
        inst - Instances containing the data
      • updateOverlays

        public void updateOverlays()
        Updates the display. Uses the swing worker and shows a progress bar during updating
      • redoPaintlets

        public void redoPaintlets()
        Change the paintlet for each scatterplot
      • initGUI

        public void initGUI()
        Description copied from class: BasePanel
        For initializing the GUI.
        initGUI in class BasePanel
      • reset

        public void reset()
        Called by the class that creates this matrix panel once all he fields have been set
      • setPaintlet

        public void setPaintlet​(AbstractScatterPlotPaintlet val)
        Set the paintlet used for plotting the data on each scatter plot
        val - Paintlet used
      • setOverlays

        public void setOverlays​(AbstractScatterPlotOverlay[] val)
        Set the overlays to be applied to each of the scatter plots
        val - Array of overlays to be applied
      • setPlotSize

        public void setPlotSize​(int val)
        Set the size of each of the scatter plots
        val - Size in pixels
      • setPercent

        public void setPercent​(int val)
        Set the value to use for the percent subsample
        val - Percent of original sample