Class TimeseriesExplorer

    • Field Detail

      • m_PanelTimeseries

        protected TimeseriesPanel m_PanelTimeseries
        the panel for displaying.
      • m_StatusBar

        protected BaseStatusBar m_StatusBar
        the status bar.
      • m_MenuBar

        protected JMenuBar m_MenuBar
        the menu bar, if used.
      • m_MenuItemClearData

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemClearData
        the clear data menu item.
      • m_MenuItemEnableUndo

        protected JCheckBoxMenuItem m_MenuItemEnableUndo
        the toggle undo menu item.
      • m_MenuItemUndo

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemUndo
        the undo menu item.
      • m_MenuItemRedo

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemRedo
        the redo menu item.
      • m_MenuItemFilter

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemFilter
        the filter menu item.
      • m_MenuScripts

        protected JMenu m_MenuScripts
        the menu item for scripts.
      • m_MenuItemStartRecording

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemStartRecording
        the start recording menu item.
      • m_MenuItemStopRecording

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemStopRecording
        the stop recording menu item.
      • m_MenuItemOverlayFlowOutput

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemOverlayFlowOutput
        the overlay flow output menu item.
      • m_MenuItemRefreshScripts

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemRefreshScripts
        the refresh scripts menu item.
      • m_MenuView

        protected JMenu m_MenuView
        the menu item for view related stuff.
      • m_MenuItemViewSelectedTimestamp

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemViewSelectedTimestamp
        the toggle selected timestamp menu item.
      • m_MenuItemViewZoomOverview

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemViewZoomOverview
        the toggle zoom overview menu item.
      • m_MenuItemViewAntiAliasing

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemViewAntiAliasing
        the toggle anti-aliasing menu item.
      • m_MenuItemViewPeriodicity

        protected JMenu m_MenuItemViewPeriodicity
        the periodicity submenu.
      • m_MenuItemViewColorProvider

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemViewColorProvider
        the color provider menu item.
      • m_MenuItemViewPaintlet

        protected JMenuItem m_MenuItemViewPaintlet
        the paintlet menu item.
      • m_CurrentFilter

        protected Filter<Timeseries> m_CurrentFilter
        the current filter.
      • m_FilterOverlayOriginalData

        protected boolean m_FilterOverlayOriginalData
        indicates whether the filtered data was overlayed over the original.
      • m_DialogFilter

        protected FilterDialog m_DialogFilter
        the filter dialog.
      • m_TimeseriesFileChooser

        protected TimeseriesFileChooser m_TimeseriesFileChooser
        the file chooser for importing data.
      • m_ScriptingDialog

        protected ScriptingDialog m_ScriptingDialog
        the dialog for managing scripts.
      • m_TabbedPane

        protected BaseTabbedPane m_TabbedPane
        the tabbed pane for the data to display.
      • m_SearchPanel

        protected SearchPanel m_SearchPanel
        for searching the fields in the reports.
      • m_DialogColorProvider

        protected GenericObjectEditorDialog m_DialogColorProvider
        the dialog for selecting the color provider.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TimeseriesExplorer

        public TimeseriesExplorer()
        default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        protected void initialize()
        Initializes the members.
        initialize in class UndoPanel
      • initGUI

        protected void initGUI()
        Initializes the widgets.
        initGUI in class BasePanel
      • getDefaultDatabaseConnection

        protected AbstractDatabaseConnection getDefaultDatabaseConnection()
        Returns the default database connection.
        the default connection
      • getTimeseriesPanel

        public TimeseriesPanel getTimeseriesPanel()
        Returns the panel for painting the timeseries.
        the panel
      • dataChanged

        public void dataChanged​(DataChangeEvent e)
        Gets called if the data of the timeseries panel has changed.
        Specified by:
        dataChanged in interface DataChangeListener
        e - the event that the timeseries panel sent
      • updateMenu

        protected void updateMenu()
        updates the enabled state of the menu items.
      • refreshScripts

        public void refreshScripts()
        re-builds the "Scripts" menu.
      • manageScripts

        public void manageScripts()
        Executes a script.
      • startRecording

        public void startRecording()
        Starts the recording of commands.
      • stopRecording

        public void stopRecording()
        Stops the recording of commands.
      • getMenuBar

        public JMenuBar getMenuBar()
        Creates a menu bar (singleton per panel object). Can be used in frames.
        Specified by:
        getMenuBar in interface MenuBarProvider
        the menu bar
      • clearData

        public void clearData()
        Removes all the data.
      • loadDataFromDisk

        public void loadDataFromDisk()
        pops up file chooser dialog for timeseries readers.
      • loadDataFromDatabase

        public void loadDataFromDatabase()
        pops up dialog for SQL statement.
      • close

        public void close()
        closes the dialog/frame.
      • addUndoPoint

        public void addUndoPoint​(String comment)
        Adds an undo point with the given comment.
        Specified by:
        addUndoPoint in interface UndoHandlerWithQuickAccess
        comment - the comment for the undo point
      • filter

        public void filter()
        pops up GOE dialog for filter.
      • setZoomOverviewPanelVisible

        public void setZoomOverviewPanelVisible​(boolean value)
        Sets the zoom overview panel visible or not.
        value - if true then the panel is visible
      • isZoomOverviewPanelVisible

        public boolean isZoomOverviewPanelVisible()
        Returns whether the zoom overview panel is visible or not.
        true if visible
      • selectColorProvider

        protected void selectColorProvider()
        Lets the user select a new color provider.
      • selectPaintlet

        protected void selectPaintlet()
        Lets the user select a new paintlet.
      • hasSendToItem

        public boolean hasSendToItem​(Class[] cls)
        Checks whether something to send is available.
        Specified by:
        hasSendToItem in interface SendToActionSupporter
        cls - the classes to retrieve an item for
        true if an object is available for sending
      • getSendToItem

        public Object getSendToItem​(Class[] cls)
        Returns the object to send.
        Specified by:
        getSendToItem in interface SendToActionSupporter
        cls - the classes to retrieve the item for
        the item to send
      • cleanUp

        public void cleanUp()
        Cleans up data structures, frees up memory.
        Specified by:
        cleanUp in interface CleanUpHandler