Class Timeseries<P extends TimeseriesPoint,​R extends Report,​S extends TimeseriesStatistic>

    • Field Detail

      • m_DatabaseID

        protected int m_DatabaseID
        the database ID.
      • m_Report

        protected R extends Report m_Report
        the report.
      • m_Notes

        protected Notes m_Notes
        the notes.
      • m_MaxValue

        protected TimeseriesPoint m_MaxValue
        point of greatest value.
      • m_MinValue

        protected TimeseriesPoint m_MinValue
        point of smallest value.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Timeseries

        public Timeseries()
        Initializes the profile with no RFID tag ID.
      • Timeseries

        public Timeseries​(String id)
        Initializes the profile with the specified RFID tag ID.
        id - the RFID tag ID