Class DarkLord.DarkLordJob

    • Constructor Detail

      • DarkLordJob

        public DarkLordJob​(DarkLord g,
                           int num,
                           int[] w,
                           weka.core.Instances data,
                           weka.core.Instances testData)
        Initializes the job.
        g - the algorithm object this job belongs to
        num - the number of chromsomes
        w - the initial weights
        data - the data to use
        testData - the test data to use, null for cross-validation
    • Method Detail

      • getMaskAsString

        public String getMaskAsString()
        Returns the "mask" of attributes as range string.
        the mask
      • getRemoveAsString

        public String getRemoveAsString()
        Generates a range string of attributes to keep (= one has to use the inverse matching sense with the Remove filter).
        the range of attributes to keep