Class AbstractClassifierBasedGeneticAlgorithmWithSecondEvaluation.ClassifierBasedGeneticAlgorithmWithSecondEvaluationJob<T extends AbstractClassifierBasedGeneticAlgorithmWithSecondEvaluation>

    • Field Detail

      • m_UseSecondEvaluation

        protected boolean m_UseSecondEvaluation
        whether to use second evaluation.
      • m_SecondFitness

        protected Double m_SecondFitness
        the current fitness (second evaluation).
      • m_SecondSeed

        protected int m_SecondSeed
        the cross-validation seed (second evaluation).
      • m_SecondFolds

        protected int m_SecondFolds
        the cross-validation folds (second evaluation).
    • Constructor Detail

      • ClassifierBasedGeneticAlgorithmWithSecondEvaluationJob

        public ClassifierBasedGeneticAlgorithmWithSecondEvaluationJob​(T g,
                                                                      int chromosome,
                                                                      int[] w,
                                                                      weka.core.Instances data,
                                                                      weka.core.Instances testData)
        Initializes the job.
        g - the algorithm object this job belongs to
        chromosome - the chromsome index
        w - the initial weights
        data - the data to use
        testData - the test data to use, null for cross-validation
    • Method Detail

      • getUseSecondEvaluation

        public boolean getUseSecondEvaluation()
        Returns the whether to use second evaluation.
        true if to use second evaluation
      • getSecondSeed

        public int getSecondSeed()
        Returns the cross-validation seed (second evaluation).
        the seed
      • getSecondFolds

        public int getSecondFolds()
        Returns the number of cross-validation folds (second evaluation).
        the number of folds
      • getSecondFitness

        public Double getSecondFitness()
        Returns the fitness (second evaluation).
        the fitness