Final update for the year

Here is the final update for this year. Later on today, I will prepare a new release.

'Tis the season! ;-)

Well, actually mainly because of all the GUI improvements and the new adams-nlp module.


  • Renaming variables, callable actors, events and undo/redo no longer result in the flow wobbling around (better queuing in Swing thread)

  • Improved the layout of the search panels, allowing for proper resizing and avoiding accidental hiding of search box


  • Plots now offer a Copy plot menu item from the right-click menu, to copy a screenshot of the plot to the clipboard

  • Count control actor now offers a monitor variable which allows resetting the internal count whenever the variable changes value

  • The Create callable actor menu item from the Flow editor's right-click menu now allows the creation callable actors under CallableActors, GridView and TabView.


  • Copy to clipboard target got added to the Send to functionality, which allows you to copy text, tables and graphical components (= screenshots) to the system's clipboard

  • TextOverlay added for simple text overlays in plots (eg SequencePlotter/SimplePlot); gets used by the Weka plugin for classifier errors to display key on lines drawn on screen

Stay tuned!