fixes and additions

Time for a little round-up of what's happened to ADAMS lately...


  • sluggish behavior of flow editor (opening/saving/undo) due to regression in EnumOption option handling class (finding/registering property editor on demand was very slow)
  • obtaining subsets from Notes objects only returned the first element of each type
  • TryCatch control actor properly flushes the tokens of its subflow when an error occurs
  • Upper/LowerCase conversions take locale into account
  • ImageProcessor tool works properly with the revamped ImageFileChooser dialog
  • PreviewBrowser tool displays arrays in a more sensible fashion
  • WekaFileReader didn't output an Instances object if no rows present


  • print support got added to the PDF viewer (tool and sink)
  • ImageHistogram sink added to adams-imaging
  • additional actors for the adams-heatmap module * HeatmapArrayStatistic transformer * HeatmapLocateObjects transformer * HeatmapHistogram sink
  • Heatmap viewer can display a histogram of current heatmap