quiet week

It's been a bit quieter with updates this past week, mainly because I've been preparing material for my presentation/demo in Sydney at the BigMine 2015 workshop on Monday (http://bigdata-mining.org/bigmine-15/).


  • fixed a performance bottleneck in the GenericArrayEditor when dealing with large arrays (100s of elements)


  • WekaSelectDataset (source): file chooser uses bookmarks panel now

  • Instance Explorer: file chooser uses bookmarks panel now

  • added multi-monitor support under the hood, i.e., child windows/dialogs show up on the same monitor as its parent (eg graphical actors in the Flow editor)

  • added support for "atomic file move" operation to MoveFile transformer and several Rat inputs/outputs

  • MoveFile can forward the moved file now instead of the input token (if enabled)


  • flow debugging: Heatmap and Trail data structures now have their own renderer and exporter

  • basic zoom functionality has been added to the Flow editor (zooms actor icons and text)

  • Wizard (and flow) for creating compatible datasets for WEKA

  • added EscapeLatexCharacters conversion to the adams-latex module

Have a good weekend!