time for an update

I'm running out of space on my piece of paper here, so I think it's time for an update. ;-)


  • fixed some regressions in the flow editor due to changes relating to better Swing thread queuing
    • when copy/pasting actor with variable, variable disappeared
    • creating a callable actor didn't no update the tree immediately
  • the showProperties option of the ImageViewer sink now works inside the DisplayPanelManager as well


  • added the DATETIMEMSEC type to the DateTimeType enum
  • added DATETIMEMSEC support to the following conversions
    • ConvertDateTimeType
    • DateTimeTypeToString
    • ExtractDateTimeField
    • StringToDateTimeType
  • added DATETIMEMSEC support to the following actors
    • DateTimeTypeDifference
    • SpreadSheetConvertCells
    • SpreadSheetConvertHeaderCells
  • Flow editor: long files now get shortened for the tab; hovering over the tab reveals the full name
  • Cast control actor no longer throws a cast exception when using Unknown
  • data containers now list Notes and Reports in the debug inspection as well
  • adams-spreadsheet: SpreadSheetSetCell and SpreadSheetGetCell now support Row objects as well apart from SpreadSheet ones
  • adams-heatmap: the report table in the HeatmapDisplay can be hidden now
  • native ADAMS file choosers now offer a Filter text field which allows the display of files/dirs to be restricted to the ones that contain this substring (case-sensitive) - useful when looking for a single file or group of files in directories with 1000s of files
  • adams-weka: the WekaModelReader now has an option makeThreadSafe which attempts to make the loaded classifier thread-safe, if necessary (using the ThreadSafeClassifierWrapper mentioned below)


  • adams-heatmap: added the CountValues meta-generator
  • adams-heatmap: added TextOverlay for HeatmapDisplay sink
  • adams-core: added support for named counters, i.e., counters that count how often a string passes through
    • CounterInit (standalone/transformer) - initializes/resets a named counter in internal storage
    • CounterAdd (transformer) - increments the counter for the string representation of the token passing through
    • Counter (source) - outputs the names with their associated counts as spreadsheet
  • adams-weka: added an interface ThreadSafeClassifier that indicates that a classifier is thread-safe (Weka classifiers/filters aren't by design) and a generic ThreadSafeClassifierWrapper meta-classifier that attempts to make the wrapped classifier safer (there are no guarantees, though; if the code is bad by design, this won't help either)

Just a heads-up... There will be a new release coming up in the next couple of weeks (as part of my preparations for a data mining workshop end of November).