Updates 2016/12/16

Alright, this is the final update before I'll be making a release. Definitely going to happen now next week! :-)


  • Clearing the history of a GenericObjectEditor panel now correctly clears also the list of commandlines (and no longer generates exceptions).

  • The SimplePlot and SequencePlotter sinks allow you to turn off the tool tips for the plot.

  • The SerializationHelper class now always closes all streams to avoid any race conditions between JVM and OS.

  • Marker data in SequencePlotter is now correctly colored and only displayed if corresponding sequence is visible.

  • Plot plugins SimplePlot and JFreeChart for spreadsheet and Instances tables now respect the sorting of the column when using subsets.

  • adams-ml:

    • The ActualVsPredicted sink now suppresses the plot tool tips as they distract and annoy.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • The DefaultTypeMapper now maps Types.DECIMAL to DOUBLE instead of STRING (returned e.g., when using SQL calculations).

  • adams-weka:

    • Weka Investigator:

      • All textual output, like run information or models, is now read-only.

      • Save action now adds the new file to the recent files menu.

      • Fixed the notifications when attributes get checked/unchecked in the Proprocess tab. Also fixed the None button, as it behaved like the All one.

    • Added fastrandomforest dependency.

    • The WekaInstanceDumper did not delete an existing file if buffer size larger than 1 (and keepExisting not checked).

  • adams-spectral-dim: JCampDX readers now have an option to use the filename (without extension) as the ID for the spectrum.


  • The GridView standalone now has an option for adding headers to the grid, to better distinguish the individual cells in the grid (uses the names of the actors).

  • The SequencePlotter received two more options: -adjust-to-visible-data, -side-panel-width

  • When checking before saving is enabled in the Flow editor, any error message gets output in the notification area now as well in order to be able to jump to problematic actors.

  • The IntToString conversion now supports optional byte format strings, e.g., to generate strings like 3,456.89KB.

  • adams-spreadsheet:

    • SpreadSheetMerge how has a flag to only keep a single instance of the unique ID column in the output: -keep-only-single-unique-id

  • adams-weka:

    • WekaInstancesMerge how has a flag to only keep a single instance of the unique ID attribute in the output: -keep-only-single-unique-id

    • VotedImbalance now supports manual list of thresholds (prob of minority class = # of resampled models) for more targeted resampling based on data.

    • Weka Investigator:

      • It is now optional whether to sort the attribute names in the dropdown list for the class attribute in the data/preprocess table.

      • The run information can be used as tooltip for result history entries now (classify, cluster, attsel tab).

      • The Classify/Cluster/Attribute Selection tabs now allow you to Compare output of several results side-by-side.


  • The LongToString conversion works like the IntToString one, but on Long objects instead.

  • adams-weka:

    • The MultiPLS filter operates on multiple Y values for the same range of X attributes and places the results side-by-side. Applies the same PLS algorithm to each Xs/Y combination.

  • Added the adams-groovy-webservice module to adams-addons, which uses the groovy-wslite library for making SOAP and REST webservices easily accessible within Groovy (NB: only client-side).