Updates 2018/03/02

A few changes in terms of modules occurred: all -stable modules have been renamed to -lts (long term support) and moved to the new adams-lts repository (https://github.com/waikato-datamining/adams-lts). Furthermore, experimental support for the MongoDB NoSQL database has been added.


  • The CheckActorReferenceUsage flow processor now skips actors that are disabled, in other words, a disabled callable actor won't get moaned about if not used.
  • Added missing setting of variable BASEDIR in the following batch files: daemon.bat, exec.bat, logging.bat
  • Updating of properties, e.g., with the UpdateProperty transformer, now handles arrays properly: the value string is interpreted as blank-separated list and the array constructed from those elements.
  • The dialog size of showInputDialog method (e.g., when renaming an actor) is now adjusting a bit more to the input.
  • The flow used by System performance (from the Help menu) is now working again properly.
  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: introduced custom aggregation of Evaluation objects (Relative absolute error and Root relative squared error will differ a bit due to different handling of training priors - still buggy in Weka ATM), affecting WekaAggregateEvaluations, WekaCrossValidationExecution, RemoveOutliers and WekaSpreadSheetToPredictions.
  • adams-rats: The FileLister rat input now empties the queue when returning an array.
  • adams-spreadsheet: The parser for the expression used by SpreadSheetQuery handles negative numbers now correctly.


  • Updated the section in the manual on how to install an ADAMS flow as daemon (Linux, systemd) and service (Windows, NSSM).
  • Added methods 'replaceext' (replacing file extension) and 'ext' (extracting file extension) to parsers BooleanExpression, MathematicalExpression and StringExpression.
  • Added help menu items in the Flow editor for: variables, boolean/math/string expressions
  • Combined help display of GenericObjectEditor and Class help.
  • adams-spreadsheet: The formula of conversions SpreadSheetAddFormulaColumn and SpreadSheetAddFormulaRow can contain variables now that get expanded before inserting it into the spreadsheet.
  • adams-rats: The ChangeRatState control actor no longer checks whether the specified Rat actors are present if a variable is attached to the "rats" property (the one listing the names).
  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts:
    • added mxexpression-weka-package dependency, offering filter and classifier that use mathematical expression to update target attribute or make prediction, using the mXparser library (https://sourceforge.net/projects/mxparser/).
    • Class help in the GUI is now in HTML; help in GenericObjectEditor is now showing full help.
    • The WekaCrossValidationEvaluator now has an option (finalModel) to build a model on the full dataset. Automatically implies that a container is being output.


  • The GroupByRegExp transformer allows generating groups of strings from array using a regular expression and a grouping expression, e.g., "(.*)-RGB.*" as regexp and "$1" for grouping them.
  • Added some of Eric Eaton's Java utility classes located at: http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~eeaton/software/Utils/Utils.zip
  • Added conversions MathExpression and StringExpression for better efficiency when processing spreadsheets (using SpreadSheetConvertCells instead of SpreadSheetTransformCells).
  • The File monitor tool allows you to monitor files that get appended, like log files, outputting all the new data added to the files.
  • adams-spectral-2dim-core:
    • The NewSpectrum source allows the creation of a new spectrum.
    • With GetSpectrumAmplitude the amplitude of the specified wave number can be retrieved.
    • SetSpectrumAmplitude allows you to set the amplitude of the specified wave number or simply add a new spetrum point.
  • Added module adams-mongodb for basic MongoDB support.
  • adams-weka and adams-weka-lts: added ability to upload currently best setup in classifier-based genetic algorithms via a setup upload scheme, e.g., in a MySQL database.